Tuesday, January 13, 2009

La Pequena Does Amy Winehouse

I knew that title would get the attention of all you filthy-minded hos. Here is the brand new clip of that great artiste, La Pequena, to get your saggy asses moving this morning.

La Pequena means small in Spanish, you dumb fucks. Do I have to 'splain everything to you? Why don't you lazy fucks google a translation for a change and help educate your own fat, illiterate asses? I work a damn full-time job and have to sit here and listen to the old farts a few cubes away discuss lunch and the weather. I'm busy. I don't have time to be your personal translator!

Let me tell you, La Pequena may be small, but her talent is muy grande! There is no way you can compete with her moves, and you know it. That ho can shake it!

On a side note, I guess smoking might actually stunt your growth. I thought mom made it up.

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