Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elizabeth Montgomery & the Missing Linc

All this talk of Mrs. Kravitz has made me miss the lovely Elizabeth Montgomery, who may be, at least in my view, one of the best looking bitches EVER. Judge for your damnselves. I can't make up your minds!

I used to idolize Liz and Julie from The Mod Squad as a kid. I made my little brother play Pete, and we pretended to ride around and bust perps and shit. We didn't have any black kids in our neighborhood, so I was short a Linc. That sort of rubbed me the wrong way and ruined things. Linc was the cool one, and we had a missing Linc. You can't have a damn Mod Squad without Linc, motherfuckers!


downtown guy said...

hubba hubba

Ms. Moon said...

EM's nose bothers me. I do not know why.
Your little Mod Squad memory brought back one of my own. Once in high school, we had to do a skit in threes and my little group did the Mod Squad. We had a Linc. He was great! I even remember what I wore! Can you believe that shit? I'm serious. Of course, I was the chick.

adrienne said...

at first i thought you were saying you didn't have any PERPS 'cause there were no black kids in your neighborhood.

my bad.

Syd said...

She is pretty hot there. Have to admit.

Christina Lindsay said...

Bewitched was my absolute favourite programme when I was a child. I named my favourite doll Tabitha after her. Sending love to you xx

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
Loved your story. Love you more.



I loved the name Tabitha, too!

Love to all of you,


Ms. Moon said...

Adrienne- Since Ms. Bastard lived there, you know there were PERPS!
(Just kidding, Ms. B. You know I love and adore you and if you're a perp, I'm a perp. In fact, let's perpetrate something soon together.)

Petit fleur said...

I agree... Without Linc, it's more like The Odd Couple.

I've always dug Elizabeth Montgomery too. Did you know Julie played Norma on Twin Peaks? Were you into that show? I psychotically loved it!

gingermagnolia said...

I spent a few hours watching Bewitched the other afternoon. It was one of my favorite shows as a kid, and it's still funny now.