Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Is My Friend Michelle's House

I am ripping this off from her blog, because it makes me happy just to look at it. I love the colors. This is a house you could sit in and have a nice cup of hot chocolate and just be warm and all cozy and shit.

[Ignore the faux tree in front of the house. Michelle was just longing to see some greenery outside and shit.]


Raggedy Andie said...

It's beautiful! I hate the way most houses these days are dreary pre-fab things in neutral colours. There was a law here in the City of Kanata that you couldn't paint your house unless they approved of the colour and it had to match the rest of the neighborhood..WTF is that? lol
They also had a law that you could not have clothes lines. You know, so that the houses all look the same and also look like no one lives in them? !
I want my house to reflect my personality ..colourful! :D

Syd said...

It does look like a good place to sit by the fire and just chat.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Raggedy Andie,
That homeowners association crap just slays me. I'll be damned if any motherfuckers would tell me what to do with my own damn house.

Ms. Moon said...

I agree with that Homeowner's shit. Who in their right mind would sign a contract telling them what they can and can not do on their own property? That's just unamerican.
I love Michelle. And her house sums up one of my major philosophies which is that we should NOT be afraid of color.

Jeannie said...

My neighbors would have me arrested.

michelle said...

Dear SB-

You can come by anytime for a cup of hot cocoa and some coziness. That would be just mahvelous.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks, Michelle! I dig your digs. Adorable home.

Ms. Moon is right. We should NOT be afraid of color! We should embrace that shit.

Kathleen Scott said...

You'd fit right in here in Texas, SB, where property rights rule.

Too bad the whole world is not Michelle. In our country setting it's not unusual to see rusty cars decorating front yards...which is why we live in a place with HOA rules...that and the rule about not firing guns in the neighborhood.

Hope you have a good weekend, SB.

Christina Lindsay said...

That is my favourite colour purple. Looks great with yellow. Sending love to you xx