Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Serious Shit

You are right. The word sin is way too loaded. It was designed by Christianity to make us feel like shit about ourselves.

I feel like shit about myself enough. I don't need their help.


adrienne said...

ms. bastard,

'tis true. horrible things and insurmountable guilt have been slung on the back of that word.

once upon a time i knew the original aramaic word from the hebrew scriptures, as well as its correct translation into english, but it has floated away like so much intellectual detritus. oh, well.

interesting (i think)to note; the word sin comes from the latin (those who spanish would know), and simply means 'without'.

i try to think about it as behaving outside of the influence of a higher power, god, reason, one's best self...fill in the blank with whatever blows up your skirt.

forget the crazed, judgemental religionists...isn't it a valid piece of guidance that one ought to remain aware of doing their very best in a conscious manner?


Ms. Moon said...


Sarcastic Bastard said...

My Dear Adrienne,
Sounds to me like you are a Humanist. So am I.

Love you lots. Wish you, me, Ms. Moon, and your sister could all get together over coffee or drinks. I think a lot of all of you.

Love you much,


Jeannie said...

yeah. me too.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Isn't it funny how christianity holds up a so-called perfect person and says you have to try to live up to those standards. No wonder there was a need for alcohol and prozac!

Brother Frankie said...

SB, it was da joooz, but vaght do I know..

you are loved,
Brudda Frankie in da house!!!!!

Brother Frankie said...

hey mel, i preach you can never live up to those standards, hence the cross..

be blessed dear people.

brother frankie
a biker for christ