Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wool Fetishist Trio of the Week: Two Chicks and a Dude (I Think)

Okay, motherfuckers. This week, we have a wool-fetishist trio for your viewing enjoyment? I hope this shit is not too much over breakfast. Our British friends will be okay, because it's luncheon time over there. It's probably easier not to throw up over sarnies than bacon and eggs. Something about those runny yolks makes SB want to fucking heave. But our subject here is not eggs (with our apologies to the American Dairy Association--don't ask--SB considers eggs dairy--it was a longstanding argument in my marriage--along with the Wright Brothers having invented the sewing machine, but the wily Mr. Singer pinching credit for it--because I mean--what didn't the fucking Wright Brothers invent? Sorry, that's just my DAYTON PRIDE talking), so moving on. . . .

I do think the guy on the left in the photo is sort of sexy because the wool really accentuates his private region. Dude is packing. I'd still have to laugh though--if some guy walked into the bedroom wearing that shit. He sort of looks like the hooded hangmen of the days of yore, don't you think?

I find it mildly interesting that the ho in the middle closed her eyes in the photo. I guess when modeling for wool-fetishist publications, they are not that choosy about the damn photo quality. The focus is on the fucking WOOL, people! Nobody gives a shit whether the fetishist model's orbs are open are closed. Whatever.

Or maybe if that bitch kept her eyes open, she was worried she would crack up laughing. My ass sure would.

NOTE: No disrespect intended to all you lovely wool fetishists. To each his own, I say. We are not here to judge. Leave that shit to the damn church.


Syd said...

SB, have you ever seen the movie Flesh? Check it out since the fellow on the left with his package wrapped reminds me of a scene from that movie. It is an Andy Warhol flick so it should make for interesting writing by SB.

Lady Lemon said...

The one in full blue is certainly the creepiest part of the whole thing. She's even in the creeper pose!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I will attempt to get a hold of a copy. I love Andy Warhol! I even have a copy of the Andy Warhol Diaries in my bathroom. My family are all toilet readers. My cousin even studied for med school ON THE TOILET!

I know, that's more than you EVER NEEDED TO KNOW, right?



Sarcastic Bastard said...

Lady Lemon,
You are correctamundo, my dear. YES!



Heather said...

I have to agree that the women in blue is pretty creepy .... I think your posts are really funny . I spit out coffee out of nose reading this


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks for reading me. It is greatly appreciated. Glad I made you laugh.