Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tyler Weinman Is a Little Asshole Who I'd Like to Beat with a Baseball Bat

Link to story: http://www.truecrimereport.com/2009/06/south_florida_serial_pet_kille.php

May the little asshole rot in hell or at least be butt candy in jail.


Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

Tyler is such an American name, here in good ole UK we would kick anyone called Tyler to death, especially if he's wearing a shirt and tie (see myspace page). WTF was he thinking wearing that combo. Think when he's released he should be put in a tigers cage and see how 'hang tuff' he is then.
Sorry anyone if ya son's or B'F called Tyler but as I said WTF.
BTW if I lived therer and had a son I would call him Cleetus, now there's a great name. LOL.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Cleetus is an excellent name. I like Bubba, too!

Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

Like as in Bubba's gonna rape ya ass in prison??

Lady Lemon said...

Heard about this on the radio yesterday. It made me feel sick. I'm glad they caught the little fucker, though. I hope they put him in some serious mental health therapy pronto. Kids who do this kind of thing almost always grow up to start hurting people.

Yeah, I was a pysch major. So sue me!