Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dumb Ass Christians: Bad Church Women

The comments in brackets [ ] are obviously SB's.


Stubborn women will use their own money to purchase clothes to get a man regardless if he or God is pleased with their choice of garments.

DUET 22:5 Women shall not wear that which pertains (has reference to or looks like mans), (lesbian pants suits, etc.), for all that do so are abomination (disgusting, hated and loathed) unto the lord “your” God. 1 PET 3:1

[What in Sam fuck are lesbian pants suits? Any lesbians who can help us out here? I like the way this pinhead feels it necessary to define abomination. Even he knows his average reader is mentally challenged.]

Likewise, you wives be in subjection to your own husbands (obey his orders without question); Most women choose to be damned before they will obey a simple command from God or man. [I know I do.]

To God women wearing pants have the look of a whore and if they continuing therein will burn in hellfire. Some wear pants so tight their vagina separates and slices their buttocks in half for men to be tempted and turn from God laws of holiness. [Obviously this grammar-challenged moron has been checking that shit out closely. If he would have used the word "camel-toe," he sure would have saved a lot of typing.] When women young or old are raped because of skimpy and revealing clothes, floss beach suits, etc. they ask for it. [Stone-aged cocksucker.]

Dr R M Hands [What is this guy doctor of? Fuckery? Does anyone else find this really scary? It's probably some sort of mail-order college of ministry. He found it while checking out the ads for floss underwear in the back of Rolling Stone.]


Kori said...

Sssshhhh.....I consider myself a believer but I am pretty sure the God I believe in wants this man to choke on a pair of skimpy underwear and die. Just sayin.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That comment nearly made me spit Coke zero across the room.

Come back and comment anytime.

Love, SB

Syd said...

He has been checking out those pants that separate. Wonder what he thinks of thongs.

Ms. Moon said...

I...sort...of...hate these things. They make me feel all weird and creeped out.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
To be honest, it made me ill as I read it, so of course I had to make you all uncomfortable along with me. What are friends for?

Love you!


gingermagnolia said...

I would think whores would wear skirts. You know, for easy access and all. I know that's what *I* wear when I'm whorin' it up. That is, when I'm not wearing my lesbian pantsuits to my lesbian meetings, where we talk about how much we want to ruin society with our lesbian ways.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That shit made me laugh. One day, we'll hang out and have a few beers girl.

Love ya,