Friday, September 11, 2009

The Sound of Awesomeness

This one's for the nerds, because only nerds like Star Trek. Just admit that shit. Your ass probably watched it and loved it, while you sat in front of the TV with your pocket protector and taped up glasses, salivating over the black chick in the short skirt.

SB did have a boss once, who in the interest of discretion shall be nameless (David Mazer), who had all the warmth of Mr. Spock. I remember he once said in a meeting that he would "have to see some data on that." I shit you not. He really did. You sort of had to be there. He said it with no inflection whatsoever. That shit was robotic.

After that, sometimes when Mr. SB and I argued, we'd say to each other: I don't know--I'd have to see some data on that. Then we'd both laugh uproariously, and then we'd bare our teeth and go back to ripping chunks out of each other emotionally. It broke the necrotic acid-leeching tension for about 10 seconds. So that's good, right?

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