Thursday, September 10, 2009

NEW SB Feature! Stupid Republicans

I'm starting a new Sarcastic Bastard feature, which I should be able to extend until eternity or as long as I live anyway. It's called Stupid Republicans, and my ass is going to publish ignorant comments and quotes I find from members of the republican party (that shit is an oxymoron--look it up republicans).

Starting us off:

09/10/2009 11:00 AM
Totally agree Joe Wilson for President! O'Bama actually believes he can walk on water.

This dumb motherfucker actually thinks Obama is Irish and that Joe Wilson should be elected President. Need I say more?

Number of brain cells this commenter can rub together: +/- 2


Syd said...

The state of SC has a penchant for electing politicians that get themselves in trouble with their mouth or their penis (e.g. Luv Guv). And the people keep electing these guys. Go figure.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh dear Ms. Bastard. How I love you.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
I idolize your ass.