Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Important to Remember How Lucky You Are

If your life is only partially or relatively shitty, then you are lucky. I point this out not just to you, my beloved readers, but also to remind myself, who tends to get depressed at the drop of a hat for sometimes no good reason, other than unfortunate physical wiring.

Last night, I found out that a dear friend's husband has cancer. I think he'll be fine, he's young and in good shape, but it's still damn scary. I love my friend, who has had a string of really bad luck, and it makes me mad and gives me the SADS all at the same time.

I have another good friend, who is currently struggling with lung cancer. Her prognosis is good, but that word sure is scary, don't you think? That word scares hell out of me, and I don't scare easily.

This morning, I found out, while talking round the coffeemaker, that another friend, who lost his young wife unexpectedly, and then shortly after his mother (who had been helping a lot with his young kids after his wife died), now has his dad in the hospital with lung cancer. Goddamn it makes me mad for him. He said he didn't sleep well last night because he had a lot on his mind. This is what led to the conversation about his father.

Then, before I got away from the coffee room, another co-worker told me that his Grandma, who was in the hospital and about to come home yesterday, was found in her room (before checking out of the hospital) and had had some sort of seizure. Looks like she won't be checking out after all.

Life is hard, and you are lucky if you don't have big troubles. The Moms points stuff like this out to me when I am feeling depressed, and it makes me angry in a way, that in order to feel better about living, I have to look at some poor unfortunate person who has it worse, but I know it's true and that I don't have much to piss and moan about compared to a lot of folks.

Life is hard, and I am damn lucky.


Ms. Moon said...

I know. You're right. But I always say that someone else's cancer does not cure your broken leg. Or even broken heart. But still, it gives us perspective.
I am sorry for all those people with such hard times. Bless them.
Bless you, too, Ms. Bastard. I love you...Ms. Moon

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love you MAS, my dear Ms. Moon. Thanks for reading me.

Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

Just kisses, cos ya right

Syd said...

Yes, and the SADS can hit at any moment. It's just life I guess. I send best wishes to all that you know who are dealing with cancer and terrible shit.

Findon said...

In the happy club we talk of cultivating the habit of gratitude. I guess it's the same thing you are talking about here. We never know whats around the corner so keep it in the day. Thats the theory anyway. Love to you SB

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thank you Syd and Nick. I am okay--just sorry for my friends.

Findon, You have it right, and I love you back.

Sheria said...

I sometimes think that we don't offer ourselves the same care and attention that we offer to others. If we could hug ourselves, we'd all be happier. Here's sending you a hug.

Petit fleur said...

I get the sads and why me's alot, so this is a good reminder to be thankful for all the blessings while they last.


Queenneenee said...

Hey SB-I hear you loud and clear. All of my stupid small stuff doesn't even begin to come close to what others have to endure. I try to remember this every single day. Thanks for the reminder though!

Morgaine said...

just saw this today - thank you. and thanks also to your fine readers who offer good wishes to your friends having difficulties - bless them all right back.