Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dumb Ass Christians

The final dream of my life, I am raptured, taken away by God and joining a crowd of people in the sky where I had to search to find my Grandma. When I had this dream in 4th grade I was not a Christian and I did not knowing anything about the Rapture. God has given me the opportunity to write this post before this happens.

I believe that the only reason I am writing this is to let everyone know I was not taken by aliens. I think that the government and the world will tell you that all the missing children and the Christians who have the Holy Spirit that have suddenly dissapeared were taken by aliens or maybe they will say it was a solar flare. Do not be surprised if you see lots of black objects in the sky, they are not from another world. They are part of "the devil's plan to confuse you. Everything you need to know is in Revelations, in the Bible.

You will be able to become a Christian after the Rapture, I do not know if the Holy Spirit will be here though. Do not accept the mark of the beast. I believe the Rapture will occur in the next few days. I have been attacked by evil several times this week and I am grateful that I was able to post this message. I will not be posting another message. I have no private agenda associated with this post. I am a happy disabled person who is not trying to write a book or introduce you to a website. This message is of pure intentions and love and I wish no one to be afraid. I want you to be ready and know that Jesus died for you and does not want you to go to Hell. He created Hell for fallen angels not humans. You will be able to accept Christ during the next 7 years.

[Bless him, at least he wants no one to be afraid. Isn't that novel? I am glad I can accept Christ as a backup plan if I need to.]



downtown guy said...

Mental illness is a hell of a thing. Some folks believe that doctors are implanting them with explosives. Some believe that FBI agents are creeping into their house at night. And some believe God is going to take them away in the next few days. I get all the phone calls here at work. Poor folks. This kind I feel bad for.

jrains80 said...

It amazes me how many mentally ill functioning (sort of) people there are out there?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You mean FBI agents AREN'T creeping into my house at night? I'm sure I'll sleep better now.

Just kidding. You are a sweetheart, and I truly love you.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Me too. Me too.



downtown guy said...

Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not watching you.

Ms. Moon said...

Think of them as hollywood agents.