Monday, September 21, 2009

Sorry Scientists--You Don't Qualify as Normal People

bats are birds because they fly and look like birds. that's how we define things: by looking at them.

(later) [obviously, this took so much brain power to compose, this guy had to take a break and come back and finish it later]

ostriches are birds because they look like birds. flight is not necessary, if they are enough similar to a bird.

i wouldn't call penguins birds because they look kinda weird. a little birdish, but not entirely birds. they are waterbirds.

i think it's foolish to say that an animal is a different kind of animal just because it is warmblooded or coldblooded, or if it lays eggs instead of children, because a normal person can't even notice if a creature has warm blood or not, only scientists can do that, so scientists can have their definitions and we normal people have our own



gingermagnolia said...

Well, that's just the logic of a two-year-old right there. Well done, omicron7!

Syd said...

Hmmmm....a different perspective for sure.

honeyluna said...

I like your logic a lot. It makes more sense than what those scientists are doing.

Or, maybe we should try tasting all the animals and categorizing them that way. No, actually that's probably not very good because everything would be in the chicken family.

Sheria said...

LMAO! Clearly it doesn't matter whether or not they have feathers. Very enlightening, where do you find this stuff?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That was funny! Well done you. It made SB smile. IN THE MORNING, no less.



Sarcastic Bastard said...

I find it on a Best of Dumb Christian comments site. I forget the address now, but I just found it by googling "dumb christians."



downtown guy said...

Jessie just cracked me up.

honeyluna said...

Yay, I made a funny!