Friday, September 11, 2009

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston Meet Up

From the NY Post:
It looks like Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler can't stay away from each other. After wrapping "The Bounty" here, the co-stars, back in LA, met up for a quiet dinner Wednesday at Cliff's Edge restaurant. According to X17online, they "appeared incredibly affectionate with one another" and were "kissing, hugging and leaning in to talk to each other for over two hours."

If this is true, that fucker better run like hell. Jennifer Aniston is a love Jonah.


Anonymous said...

I haven't had a date in years, but if I ever do, I hope no one is reporting on it for the NY Post. Then again, they'd probably be so bored they'd go away long before they got 2 hours of footage. Because if some guy is going to buy me dinner, and I get to leave the house sans children, for a meal that doesn't involve sporks or sippy cups, you can bet I'm not going to waste time being 'affectionate' with him. I'd be too busy making out with my chicken cordon bleu. Or whatever I get to order that doesn't come with french fries and a toy dog.

Maggie May said...

man Jen has a tough rep

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Rachel my dear, I hope you get that dinner date. You deserve it.



jrains80 said...

I think they make a gorgeous couple...but she has had her bad runs with wonders why?