Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Think Andrej Pejic Is Beautiful


Ruby Tuesday said...

Yup she is a stunner, I also don't think she eats many Big Macs.. so she will probably age unlike the lovely lady in your previous post .. Love the photo of Elton LOL xx
Hope you are well xx

Ms. Moon said...

Yes, he is beautiful but still too skinny.

Alison Cross said...

Not sure what the protocol is: S/he is very lovely, but tooooo skinny for me!

Ali x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

He is fabulous. I'd love his bone structure! Love you xx

Jeannie said...

Jealous again. He's gorgeous. And he wore the wedding dress better.

Petit fleur said...

I don't know her... But in this photo her head looks too big for the body.


Danny said...

yes...very beautiful woman, or am i supposed to say man --- you see this just is proof positive of my thinking this last while: you put a beautiful man in front of the toughest, manliest, butchest meathead and i guarantee, you hook some EEG pads up to him, and measure his SEXUAL reaction: he'll find that beautiful man very what i'm saying is: everybody's bi or straight out gay - get used to it meatheads!

Syd said...

Male or female--hard to tell! Thanks for your kind comment.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ruby Tuesday!
I have missed you and your comments! SB loves you.

Ms. Moon,
Yes, and it's probably just his natural metabolism. Fucker.

I love you.

Me too! I love you too.

He certainly did.

Hi love. She is actually a he.

You always crack me up. I am glad you are back. I was wondering where you went, man.

You are one of my best buddies in the world.

Love to all youse,


FrankandMary said...

She sorta needs a sandwich.

Genevieve said...

She'd be pretty if her legs didn't look like parentheses. Just saying.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks for joining us. And her legs do look like parentheses. Good call.