Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SB Is in a Grouchy Shitty Tired Mood

And I don't feel like writing dick so far this week. If that changes, I'll post. If not, fuck that shit.


Ms. Moon said...

That's okay, baby. We love you no matter what.

Alison Cross said...

Awwwwwww - you're crabby (((hug))).


Isn't that your default setting, SB??!

love ya

Ali x

Jeannie said...

Fuck it indeed.

I kinda like the Murdering Memaw too.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i'll see your grouchy and raise you a shit fuck-all attitude. be well my i-75 soul sister, spring is on the way.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks, Ms. Moon. I love youse too!

Yes, Ali, it is default for me, especially in the mornings.

I figured you'd see the beauty of the blood-thirsty Memaw.

Mrs. Miss A.,
You be well, too. So sorry about Guinness. I adored him from afar.

Love to all my bitches,


Big Mark 243 said...

Back at you SB... my ex wife used to make the little bitch in me come out all the time... get into the groove sooner than later..!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Big Mark,
Ex-spouses will do that. Amen. Love you.

Jane Lancaster said...

thanks for your humour SB..it cheers me up no end :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thank YOU for the kind compliment. I could go a year on it.