Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quote of the Damn Day from Shitmydadsays

"No aliens exist, I just don't think they came millions of light years just to see earth. Be like driving 1000 miles to go to an Arby's."

Link to the whole ball of wax:


West Hollywood Voyeur said...

Hi SB!
Nice to hear from you!
luv you to!

Ms. Moon said...

Well, maybe if you'd never had a roast beef sandwich and really, really wanted one...
I love you, Ms. Bastard-Beloved.

Leslie said...

That's great!

Jeannie said...

I wondered where he went - I've seen the tv show a couple times. The guy's so lucky to have a snarky father and to be smart enough to write that shit down in the era of internet & twitter.

See we could all be unbelievably successful for doing what comes naturally if we were just born at the right time.

Young at Heart said...

well that's put a smile on my day..........I thank you!!

FrankandMary said...

Collusive smile. ~Mary

Mr.Mischief said...

I love the stuff that guys dad says-reminds me of my grandpa, he told it like it was and if you didn't like it, tough shit-but if you needed help with something he didn't even blink before he stepped up to get it done.

Denny Coates said...

I LOVE that quote. He's funny as hell, a good old-fashioned truth-teller kind of like Yogi Berra. I like the quote so much I'm going to steal it and use it in a blog, just like you did!

Petit fleur said...

... or to get a bottle of ripple!

Cathy said...

Hm. Then again, maybe alien homonid-types seeded this planet and only peek in now and then to watch our evolution, even make decisions for our future, who knows. "Just to see earth"? If we never find life anywhere else, this is a very rare planet. Still, we just discovered a new star, KEPPLER, with 6 planets orbiting it - that means they're likely to have some form of life, non-complex or otherwise. Gives one pause, eh?

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I might drive 1000 miles for Arby's when I have a craving. Those chocolate turnovers are my weakness.

Good to hear from you. Hugs.

Gledwood said...

Ain't got a clue what Arby's is, but that sounds bang on.

Maybe Arby's is like Iceland?

You got frozen food of all varieties in Iceland. It's not JUST a volcanic nordic island in the middle of the North Atlantic...

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Nice to hear from you!

Young at Heart and Mary Dear,
Glad to make you both smile.

Mr. M.,
Wish I had known the man. Love to you and the Mrs.!

You are family, so it's not stealing, it's borrowing.

Good one, babe!

It certainly does. Thanks for joining us. Please come back often.

I liked the beef and cheddars. Yum!

Arby's is a fast-food chain over here. They are best known for their roast beef sandwiches.

I don't believe we have anything that quite compares to Iceland.

Love to all my bitches,


Gledwood said...

Really you haven't got an Iceland. That's odd. They're cheaper than the normal supermarkets on what they do best.... also do some dried and chilled food and fresh milk and bread, cheese etc

oh how exciting!!

Parabolic Muse said...


I think life is about competition, and I think that if aliens were advanced enough to come here (and they could be), then if they DID come here, they would take over. It's just how it is. We couldn't compete with them. Way too advanced.

Luckily, I'll be dead soon anyway! But even if I'm not, maybe they have better wifi!