Monday, February 28, 2011

An Oscar Night Conversation

That dress is fug. What was she thinking?

I'd still bone her.

[About Natalie Portman] Jesus, what happened to her. Why is she so fat?

She's pregnant, you insensitive dumb ass.

I'd still bone her.


Ms. Moon said...

Heh-heh. Thanks for the Oscar wrap-up. I missed it. Good morning! I love you. I gotta go take a nap while Owen is sleeping.

Jeannie said...

Men. They'd bone anything.

Ruby Tuesday said...

I find the whole Oscars thing so boring .. and so bitchy .. but I guess its good for the fashion industry .. although I don't reckon any of those dresses are owned just borrowed xx

Denny Coates said...

After the first thank-you speech, I went into the other room to watch a movie. After the movie, I came back and there was another winner giving a thank-you speech. Then I realized I had some laundry to do...

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
And I love you MAS! Good morning. I could use a goddamn nap or a drink. One or the other. Mondays suck ass.

Amen to that shit, sister.

Ruby Tuesday,
I only liked the clothes.

Yeah, it was boring AS SHIT.

Love to all of youse!


Reeny's Ramblin' said...

The Oscars make me uncomfortable, kinda like musicals do.

If you haven't seen the 'Between two Ferns' episode with Natalie Portman I think you should. It'll make you pee.

Big Mark 243 said...

Yes Ms. Jeannie, we most certainly would. Thing is, someone has to provide object to 'bone' and pregnant women are as willing to 'open and spread' as anyone else...

... besides, what is it going to hurt? No one is packing anything larger that what is coming out, are they now..? What's the problem..?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks for the tip. Glad you are back. I missed you.

Big Mark,
I love you. You are an honest soul.

Parabolic Muse said...

touching, though.