Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's BGAI Together!

I am posting the link below to my friend Erika's gorgeously written blog, Be gay about it., [which includes many worthwhile things concerning her life experiences, but primarily her experiences as a lesbian trying to live her life openly and honestly], because I think community is SO DAMN IMPORTANT.

Erika is beginning a new phase in her blog and inviting us all to BGAI Together. She is looking to include other gay/lesbian/transgendered folks' experiences in her blog. She is also having a contest for the best personal stories.

SB supports Erika in this venture, because I think it's worthwhile, and the time to stop hiding the life experiences of a large segment of the world's population has come. There should be no shame in being honest and being who you are EVER, goddammit. Let's stop letting THE MINORITY silence everyone else. Shine your light, motherfuckers!

Let's all BGAI (at least in spirit), goddammit!

Link to Be gay about it.: http://begayaboutit.wordpress.com/2009/12/29/shine-your-light-share-your-story-and-win-a-contest/

[Message from Erika (she's great and SB loves her, so listen up, motherfuckers): Also, just to let everyone know, you don't have to be gay to play! Allies' stories are welcome, too!]


Erika said...

YOU are awesome!! Thank you for this. I'm really bad at whoring myself for publicity and BGAI Together means a lot to me, so I appreciate your whoring it on my behalf.

Also, just to let everyone know, you don't have to be gay to play! Allies' stories are welcome, too!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Happy to help. SB loves and admires you. It's such a great idea.

Syd said...

Thanks for posting this. I may have a gay cousin who was cut off from the family. It bothers me to this day.

Bethany said...


Petit fleur said...

The image is beautiful and I will check out her site/blog or whatever.

As usual thanks for shining your mother fucking light SB!
xo pf

Steph(anie) said...


adrienne said...

here! here! community IS so damn important. it's time to stop hiding EVERYONE'S life experiences.

love you, SB!