Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Labor Day Motherfuckers!

SB's fat ass is taking the long weekend off from work and blogging. My cranky ass will be back on Tuesday to opine and bitch.

I would have been early to work this morning, but I had to search for Bella the kitten. I called. I made weird noises to try and draw her out. Nada. I finally found her dumb ass shut in one of the closets upstairs.

I hope all you motherfuckers have safe and excellent holiday adventures, and don't forget to help a brother out and donate some money to Jerry Lewis and his kids. That motherfucker works his ass off every year, so help a bitch out and fork over some dough for a good cause.


Lou said...

I'll be off in the woods myself. I like to get all nature like and solitary on long week ends.

Squeeze a cat real tight (till they cry meooowww) for me, lovey.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Enjoy, Lou.



downtown guy said...

(Box) Wine and (EZ) Cheese party tomorrow night. Wanna go?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hell yeah! I'm there, my brother (in spirit anyway). I love EZ Cheez (which I call aerosol cheese) and God knows, my ass isn't too good for the boxed shit.

University of Georgia football begins this weekend. I got the college football cable package. Nothing come between Uga, me, and my boyz. Some of my family are coming to stay on Saturday. I am forcing them to watch the game with me. HOSTAGES.

Are you a football fan, Hankster?

downtown guy said...

No, actually, I am the anti-football fan, because football to me means major traffic and drunken frat boys. Go Noles!

Ms. Moon said...

One of the worst things about weekends is that you are gone.