Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hoarders on A&E

SB was hard up for entertainment last night, and I happened to turn over to A&E, where they were showing multiple episodes of the show, Hoarders. Well frankly, it's a show about morons who hoard things, and some of these lazy grotesque motherfuckers even have rotting fucking garbage and dead cat carcasses in their cribs. I shit you not.

The one couple really pissed me off last night. Child Protective Services came by and told them to get their fat asses busy and get their shit cleaned up, or they were coming back to take the couple's kids away. I don't know about y'all, but if they even threatened to take my cats away (let alone my own damn flesh and blood), my ass would get busy and get that shit cleaned up RIGHT NOW.

This couple was pretty young (early thirties, I'm guessing), and they just waited and worried that there would be a knock at their door AND DID NOTHING. NADA. DICK. They just pissed and moaned about how much every unexpected knock frightened them. Retarded inbreds.

The show producers offered to send in a clean-up service, and the dad was more worried about some junk detached deck in the back yard than about losing his kids. This fucker was angry that other poor unfortunate motherfuckers had to come and clean his nasty shit up! I was dumbfounded. Hoarding sickness, my ass. LAZINESS. PIGS! SLOBS! RETARDS WHO DON'T DESERVE THEIR CHILDREN. I was just aghast and had not one iota of sympathy. These motherfuckers had a carpet of dirty clothes all over their house. And the wife was a homemaker! Bitch didn't even hold down a job. They ate dinner as a family on the bed because their table was covered with crap. I REPEAT: The motherfuckers ate dinner on the BED because they were too damn lazy to clean their motherfucking shit on the table up!

Anyway, I am still mad. My ass works a full-time job and keeps a small house clean with SIX pets, and this bitch can't keep her house clean as a stay at home mom, who's kids go to school days. Uhhhhmmmmmmm, okay. I wish they'd let SB go in there. I'd make those two lazy motherfuckers pick their own shit up, and I'd still take the kids away, because YOU JUST KNOW, one month after cleaning their shit up, that house would be a fucking cess pool again.

In another episode, there was an older couple who hoarded junk AND CATS. They had taken in so many cats, they didn't even know how many were actually inside their house. The animal rescue people found multiple DEAD CAT SKELETONS. I did feel a tad sorry for these folks. They were feeding the cats, but it just got out of hand. They were old people with ailments. Their intentions were good.

Somehow the Memaw thought, after the cleanup and hauling away of her cats, she was going to get 13 of the fuckers back. They actually did give her 3 back, which is surprising, considering all the fetal cat skeletons they hauled out of the bitch's garage and attic.

Anyhoo, it was quite an eye-opening experience, watching the show. I still think some of these motherfuckers are not hoarders and are just plain damn lazy instead.

Have any of you seen this show? Just curious. Your thoughts?


Ms. Moon said...

Some people do indeed have that ratpack disease. I have known a few. But dammit, this is out of hand! You're right. It's one thing if the person is old and there are no children or pets involved, but another if they are. Then it's not just about them and their disease.
Have you ever been in a hoarder's house? It is the creepiest fucking thing in the world.

Hey! We missed you!
Love...Ms. Moon

Indigo said...

I haven't seen this show but I've heard of examples of this before. There is no reason what-so-ever for this. To me it's pure laziness. I think the couple should of lost the kids. What kind of behavior are they learning. If the mother is that lazy with the house, who is to say she's even bothering to care for the kids.

I have 4 inside cats and a working dog who sheds like crazy. It takes an hour a day to dust everything, do dishes (which I do by hand) and vacuuming (including a load of laudry every other day). I have to be this vigilant because of my Emphysema and dust.

But still if I can keep my home with all my pets free of hair and keep it clean. Anyone can. Ugh! I'm with you I don't for one moment understand this behavior. At some point you have to live in relation to the space you have. Stop bringing crap in when you have enough.

Sorry this type of stuff bugs me too! (Hugs)Indigo

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
I missed you all, too! BELIEVE ME.



Sarcastic Bastard said...

I feel the same way. If we can do it, so can the young stay-at-home mom.

Love you. Thanks for reading.


downtown guy said...

It's a legit mental illness, and saying "just clean it up, you lazy slobs!" doesn't work any better than telling someone with OCD to stop washing their hands or counting steps. Or telling someone with crippling depression to just snap out of it, because things aren't that bad.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Dear DTG,
I am not saying it's not a legitimate mental illness in SOME cases, but in other instances, I think it is just plain laziness taken to the extreme. Sorry, I do.



Chic Mama said...


Not seen that programme, is it showing at all good A & E departments? LOL!
What a thing to have running whilst waiting to be treated. Maybe they're trying to cheer people up by showing them that their lives aren't that bad in comparision.
Chic Mama :0)

miss alaineus said...

my maternal grandparents were compulsive hoarders. they were afraid to throw something away because it might be needed at some point in time. not to the extent of the show, but the basement/garage, the fridge, the pantry were all evidence of their collective anxiety.

as someone who also exhibits OCD, it's something you think you must do and the people on that show need therapy and maybe even meds to combat it; just cleaning it once wont make a difference, esp. if the root(s) of the anxiety are not addressed.

case in point- it took me close to a year to wean myself off of excessive checking behaviors/ rituals that when they were in full tilt, made it impossible for me to leave my house without devoting about two hours a day to my 'checkings'. i also had some food related OCD which also took even longer to address and overcome. that's just two things and with professional help- the hoarding is often a lifetime collection of things thought necessary....and you can see how that worked for those on the show.

my ocd is basically a physical manifestation of my fear of certain triggers taken to the extreme. it really is a mental illness where saving things becomes the ritual to combat the fear/anxiety for the people on the show. do they understand what they are doing? i know i did, and found all sorts of clever ways to rationalize my rituals to myself- which is part of the compulsive thinking.

it really is something that unless you have either battled it or lived with someone who was in the thick of it, is very hard to understand. it sucks and yes, i still struggle with certain things, and i still have 'acceptable' rituals that do not interrupt my day. will i always be this way, to some extent, yes, and i hope to never have to go to a shrink again or be on meds.

ps i was compulsive in my behaviors from the get go, living with my grandparents prolly made it worse if that makes any sense.

what about the fringe straighteners? they are the opposite but still controlled by their compulsions....


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Chic Mama,
I sure felt cheered up, myself.



Sarcastic Bastard said...

Miss Alaineus,
I have OCD--mainly I check stove burners and anything that might cause a fire.

Luckily, it's never taken me more than 15-20 minutes of checking in order to leave the house.

Love you,


Rachel said...

Compulsive hoarding is a mental illness, and in my work as a therapist, I have several clients who deal with it. Throwing things away causes them so much anxiety, they can become literally nauseous, sweaty, shaky, puking sick.
That being said, there are people who are just plain lazy. I think that the dad on that show was a hoarder, but his wife was just lazy. She had no problem telling OTHER people to throw all the stuff away, but didn't lift a finger to do it herself. Her husband, on the other hand, was in serious distress. And their son? Yeah, I think he inherited the hoarding gene. Seriously, these things are genetic.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this in patients, and on home visits to parents, and in my own family. I try to think of it as an outline with hoarding at the top. It's not the top, by any means, but imagine it for this example... You must look for the reasons for hoarding or allowing it. You need A's & B's and 1's and 2's and a category or two. Maybe one half of the couple has OCD or something comparable and they become "nutty" when trying to even encounter the mess but maybe the other half is "unmotivated" enough to let the shit pile up. The young couple sounds more unmotivated than anything. I also know for a fact that some folks just don't know any better. They only repeat the behaviors they learned from their parents. How do I know? I take care of their little children everyday.

I couldn't watch it. Gave me the creeps. I'd be afraid some Trash Monster would rise up all Rambo-like out of the grime and cut my throat. Trash makes me nervous but I, myself, am not above packing things away for a rainy day. I hoarded the cardboard tube from the paper towels at school for a couple of years. This year, I confronted and threw them out. A week later, my son's teacher came begging for my stash. I had a moment. My worst fears were realized and they were needed but gone. I managed to recover but only after I'd collected 5 over the long weekend.

Whew! I'm long-typed tonight!