Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sorrowful Bastard is Back

No, actually I'm a happy motherfucker now, because I missed hearing from my peeps over the long weekend. I hope all of you had swell weekends and are fine and dandy.

The funeral went fine. The drive out to the cemetery was fairly long, because the procession had to go through some fairly heavy traffic and a lot of traffic lights, but only one whore failed to yield to the funeral party. Of course the Mom's went on about how young people have no respect, and I'm old enough now that my cranky ass had to agree. [I also honked and called three teenagers who were skateboarding in the middle of the street and failing to yield to traffic on the way back to my house last night, "stupid motherfuckers." Little shits.]

Daddums cracked that the drive to the cemetery was so long, he was ready to drop poor old Ralph off in the Catholic cemetery we passed about half-way to the actual cemetery we were depositing Ralph in. It made me laugh until tears streamed. Death makes me hinky, so I have a tendency to get nervous and giggle anyway. It's just too solemn of a damn occasion. SB can't handle that shit. After dad's crack about dropping Ralph off early, I said that Ralph was a nice man and didn't deserve the Catholic cemetery. I kid, I kid. Most of my friends are Catholic for some damn reason. I guess the Catholics have had to put up with a lot of shit, so I find most of them pretty good humoured.

Anyhoo, we delivered that dear man where he was supposed to rest and got home safely. So it goes.


afk4life said...

Welcome back. Not going to make any comments about Catholics that might make people think of me as blasphemous...wait I think that ship already sailed :/

Ms. Moon said...

And we are so glad you're back. We missed you.
Love...Ms. Moon

Brother Frankie said...

glad yer back sb

jrains80 said...

Thought about you this weekend at the funeral as Teddy Kennedy was being buried on Saturday--boy did they have a long fucking ride too! Boston for the mass, then to DC for the Arlington burial. In any case, glad you're back safe and sound. I'm Catholic, which means Universal, which is kind of how my spiritual side goes these days, one with the universe, one with the Jesus man, and screw all the rest.

Peace and love always, Jenn

Syd said...

Glad that you are back. I had to smile at your writing that the funeral went well. I guess that depends on whether you are Ralph or not. I would rather be above ground and go to some other event, like a wedding or some such stuff, that went well. Funerals remind me of..well..dying. And I've been to quite a few.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You're SB's favorite kind of blasphemous!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Your spiritual side sounds pretty good to me, sister.

Love you back,


Sarcastic Bastard said...

That was a funny observation. Made me laugh. I just meant it went without incident--nobody in the funeral procession got in an accident going through red lights or anything, and also Ralph didn't fall out of the casket. God fucking forbid.

You are loved.