Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Celebrity Fat Chub

[Sebastian Bach in the old days.]

SB's favorite show this season (after Vampire Diaries, because I want to bite Ian Somerhalder's ass--I think I mentioned that) is Celebrity Fat Club. It's only worth watching due to my old sex-idol Sebastian Bach. If that dude doesn't have the nicest personality, man. We are both amused by the same things. Fucker makes me laugh. This past week Baz was laughing about that damn mess, Bobby Brown, being sober for three years, supposedly, but hitting the vodka and Miller Light really hard. That shit WAS amusing.

Poor Bobby--that fucker is never going to beat the flab. Fucker thinks fried chicken and Miller Lite are diet foods. You can't be skinny and from Georgia. The food's just too damn good.

Baz and I also share a slight problem. We both love the red wine. The fitness instructor had to explain to Sebastian's fine ass that drinking a bottle of red wine a night (which is Baz's habit and also mine) is 700 calories or more. Oopsy! Shit. No wonder I'm a damn fat ass.

Everything fun is poisonous or ruinous.


The Dish said...

I love me some Sebastian Bach. He is still hot.

I guess Bobby's excuse would be, at least I ain't smokin' crack! Dumbass.

Syd said...

How true about all the good stuff, like carbs, being bad for the waistline.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

YES!!!!! Fucker is a damn doll.

Love you.

Jeannie said...

What is he 12 in this picture?

while you were the rocker chick, I was the uber conservative Christian Mom jealous as shit about how the unsaved could wear mini skirts. Man my body was totally wasted being covered up when it was so hot.