Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Man Baz Is a Hero to Boot

From the NY Post today:

Chaos was narrowly averted at an intimate Guns N' Roses concert when a man with a knife was tackled by ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach.
The mystery man casually pulled out what appeared to be a switchblade knife as he walked into the packed and uber-exclusive "Nur Khan's Rose Bar Sessions" at the Gramercy Park Hotel on Sunday.

But Bach, who was standing near the door, immediately got the stranger thrown out of the bash, which was attended by a host of stars including Mickey Rourke.

A witness reports, "The man walked in while Guns N' Roses was onstage and pulled out a knife and flicked the blade out. Sebastian, who was standing on a banquette said: 'Nobody is getting anywhere near my man Axl Rose with a knife,' and went after him. Security then immediately threw him out. The man appeared to be drunk. It was dealt with so quickly that none of the other guests or the band were aware of it."

[You've got to love what Baz said. That shit cracks me up. Thank God Axl is okay. If the guy had tried to knife Axl in the face, the knife wouldn't have penetrated anyway, due to all that plastic surgery. Fucker's face is like a bullet-proof vest.]

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adrienne said...

'Fucker's face is like a bullet-proof vest'

you are one twisted sister. or gunning rose. or skidding axl.

or something.