Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Interesting Obituary

He had many hobbies, and he was very proud of them. He had that rarest of gifts: the ability to find the beauty and artistry in the hardcore amateur farm porn he shot with his Super 8 over at Oakville Community Stables.

Wish I had known him. NOT.


Gledwood said...

who the hell wrote that? who died? where did you find an obituary like that?

do you think he came over to England to do farm porn here?

we have lots of blue tits in our English gardens, they're highly acrobatic

and great tits (which are a big bigger and less blue) too...

Syd said...

Not another mare lover. They must be from Ohio or the upstate of SC.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That made me laugh. Thanks, I needed it today. They are planning a layoff here at work today. I am not too worried, but I have friends involved.



Yes, me thinks so.



Gledwood said...

o you are joking me, is that what farm porn meant?

i thought it was stable boys and posh girls wearing tiaras

i once saw a magazine like that, it was more hilarious than pornographic, and so so English

Gledwood said...

Did I ever tell you about the doggie porn someone once showed me?

I couldn't believe my eyes. Had to go in the back garden to puke. It was literally that disgusting

Sweden said...

YUCK farm porn dude sick, thats form of animal abuse which i am AGAINST 100%

gingermagnolia said...

Barf! And also: hee hee hee hahahahahahaha, that was funny.