Friday, October 8, 2010

More Shit SB Says to the Lovely Ms. Moon

You just like who you like. I've had that happen lots in my life. I also instantly DISLIKE a few people. The Moms always says: Some people will like you no matter what, and some people will dislike you no matter what. Who gives a shit? It all works out.


Ms. Moon said...

The Moms is smart.
And I like you.


I thought you of all people would get it...

Syd said...

I wish that I were as discerning as my dogs.

Findon said...

So true SB. I like the quote " Love the ones who love you and forget the rest"
Love to you SB

Terena said...

I feel like such a voyeur, but I love reading the posts you two write each other.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
I dig you, too!

I'll check it out. Fuckers blocked the Youtube here at work. I'll have to haul the laptop home and watch it. Thanks for thinking of me, buddy.

I hear you, man.

Great quote, my brother. Love you, too! I have been thinking of you.

Thanks, love. Ms. Moon is my idol, and I just love her.

Lori said...

God that is so true. The great thing about being over forty is you simply don't care who the hell likes you...xxoo