Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shit SB Says About Her Favorite Cereal

That shit is magically delicious!


Jeannie said...

Never had them.

Ms. Moon said...

I remember when my mother would occasionally cave and buy us some Magical Deliciousness. I hope I did the same for my children.
Good morning, Ms. Bastard-Beloved. You are LOVED!

Petit fleur said...

The little dude always gave me the creepies.

The Wit Continuum said...

My kids would love you!!! They eat it until they can't find any more marshmallow thingies, then there's about a cup or two of cereal left, which goes stale and gets thrown out. Such is cereal life in my house.

Love ya,

Boonie S said...

Charming too, I'm sure.

Have a good day, Boonie

Sarcastic Bastard said...

RUN to the store DO NOT WALK and buy some. You will NOT be sorry.

Ms. Moon,
Good morning! You are loved MAS!!!

I'm with the kids. They are clearly SMART.

You and the Mrs. have a good day, too. Y'all are loved.

Jeannie said...

I will just eat some regular candy - that's magically delicious enough and doesn't pretend to be good for me.

Love you anyway. I'll bet my husband bought these for the kids when they were little. I probably yelled at him. I didn't like my babies to think crap was good for them. Not that they didn't get junk all the time - they would just be aware that it was junk.

Kathleen Scott said...

And did you get the TV Finger Puppet Theatre featured on the package?

Just catching up. I had no idea the High Plains would have such a spiritual quality. I thought they'd be flat and uninteresting. But the light is amazing, and not just because Georgia O'Keeffe said so.

Thanks for your comment at Hill Country Mysteries. I hate that you can't see my pictures and words! Even though tales of birds and Texas are tame beside your posts.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Nooo SB, step away from the Lucky Charms! There's so much sugar in them! You'd be better off eating eggs and toast every morning and you wouldn't get a sugar slump before lunch. What am I like? Giving out nutritional advice! I promise it works though. Love you xx

Sweden said...

do u like peanut butter? if so try the reeses cereal, so fucking GOOD!!!
its like reeses peanut butter cups but cereal, BEST cereal in the world i can sit there and easily eat 3 bowls of it

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I have missed you and your comments. Nah, I didn't get the puppet theater thingy. I think it's an old picture of the box. That shit was probably the damn

I love you and Denny. Y'all have a great weekend.

Glad to hear from you!

You give swell advice, my fat ass is out of control though.

I do not like peanut butter, except for JIF, but I DO like Reeses Cups. Therefore, I will take your suggestion. Thanks!

SB loves all you bitches! Thanks for reading my crap.

Parabolic Muse said...

GODDAMNIT!! I fucking missed the fucking finger puppet theatre series!!! I'm so pissed off now.

My favorite is the banana. Don't you love that one?