Monday, August 8, 2011

His dick is bigger than her. How does he get it in?

Yeah, I'm back from vacation. Thrilled to be here.


Jojesek said...

If my guy was that much bigger than me I'ld make him carry me everywhere.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I didn't need that mental image this morning.

Good to have you back. We can't have a pissy Monday morning without you.

Karen at French Skinny said...

Hilarious. I've missed you. We're back too.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Me too! Laugh.

Thanks! I've missed you too.

Glad to hear from you. Much love.

Jeannie said...

Welcome back! This is a classic. You are so hot.

Young at Heart said...

oh my gawd.....welcome back!!x

Mel said...

Ha Ha! This made me laugh. We're not quite as disparate, but my Mr. is 6'6" and I'm 5'2" and we've been asked before how it possible. Husband said we're both the same height laying down. No comment on the dick size, but lots spring to mind!
Welcome back, I'm not always commenting but I'm always stopping by. But you know that :)

Ms. Moon said...

Wait! Who the hell is this? God, the size difference there is even more dramatic than the between me and Mr. Moon. A LOT! And that's a WHOLE LOT!
Boy. We sure have missed you, Ms. Beloved.

Mr.Mischief said...

That's what we call a "log splitter"

Lucy At Home said...

You've seen his dick?

Jeannie said...

It just occurred to me that she's just about the right height to give head without having to kneel. hmmm

Gledwood said...

oh fucking hell that's obscene!!!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Young at Heart,
Thanks babe and thank you for reading me.

Thanks for lurking, babe. SB loves you!

Ms. Moon,
And I have missed y'all. Just not work. You betcha.

Mr. M.,
That was a GOOD ONE!

I was waiting for that comment. Answer is NOPE.

That's why I love you. Comments just like that.

Yes indeedy.

Syd said...

He might have a tiny one. You just don't know. He is one big dude though.