Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SB Movie Review: Two Limp Dicks for Paranormal Activity

Shit sucked. Don't waste your money. It was only even slightly scary for about two minutes at the end. I wish I could get the two hours of my life back I spent watching this trash.


afk4life said...

Lol I think maybe it's you, me, and one other person I know that weren't terrified by this movie. My only wish was that the main characters die muuuuch sooner -- never seen two more annoying/less interesting characters onscreen I don't think, lolz.
(PS -- since when is two floppy dicks a *bad* thing?)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

It was so NOT SCARY. And you're right, the actors were as annoying as shit. I just kept waiting for something, ANYTHING, to happen.


gingermagnolia said...

It was scary to me, but I was in a theater with other people who were nervous. That shit's contagious. I know it wouldn't have scared me if I had just watched it at home, though.

Kathleen Scott said...

That's what Charles Barkley said about Avatar, except it was 3 hours.