Tuesday, August 11, 2009

American Faces: John Mellencamp

I think you maybe have to be from the Midwest to truly understand the greatness that is John Mellencamp (and DO NOT call him John Cougar either, because that shit pisses him off, because it's more record company bullshit). John is a Midwestern poet/musician/rebel/talented painter. Motherfucker is MULTI-TALENTED, as many Midwesterners are.

I love this photo of John (in fact, it's my computer background right now). For those of you living under a rock, John Mellencamp is from Indiana [fucking Hoosiers can't drive, but that's another post for another damn day--Ohioans and Indianians are always sniping at each other because we live in such close proximity--that shit breeds contempt], and his nickname is Little Bastard. Ironically, SB's nickname (from the daddums and he ought to know) is Little Bitch.

John and I are both DEFIANT MIDWESTERN MOTHERFUCKERS, and don't you forget it! We fight authority and authority always wins. We don't brook any bullshit and feel almost totally the same way about the American political situation. We both despise George W. Bush. There isn't much I don't agree with that comes out of Mr. Mellencamp's mouth. He is a Midwestern fucking treasure, along with Kurt Vonnegut and Paul Newman.

Did you know Paul Newman was from Ohio? Did I mention that shit before?


Anonymous said...

He was John Cougar when I saw him at the Reading Festival sometime in the last century..lol

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I suspect I may know you already. C'est vrai?


Indigo said...

John Mellencamp has always been a favorite of mine. Loved his video Pink Houses. (Hugs)Indigo

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You have good taste obviously!

Hug Pickles for me.

Love you,


Ms. Moon said...

I have never felt personally involved with Mr. Mellancamp or his music. Why is that? Not that I don't like his music- I do. It just doesn't stir my soul. Maybe it's because I am not from the midwest.
But I agree with his politics and he's kinda cute.

Nana's Lady said...

I agree. I respect the guy a lot. And you can't understand the midwest unless you've lived the midwest. And it is true about people in Indiana. They cannot drive. I include myself in this statement, because I like to curb curbs a lot, and not on purpose.

Your blog is nice. All the swearing makes me itchy and nervous and I start scratching my arms and sort of giggling, but it has been very enjoyable reading this morning.

Okay. Now its an epic comment, too long?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Nana's Lady,
Welcome! I've seen you around some other blogs before.

God love you for being honest about Hoosier driving skills. Ohioans aren't much better admittedly.

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