Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wool Fetishist of the Week: DISTURBING

This one's rather disturbing. I guess he/she/it likes bondage AND wool! Well, to each his own. We're not here to judge, are we, my precious little motherfuckers?

SB has admitted a Russell Crowe fetish. I usually like to masturbate during his films, so I don't see them first run in theatres. It makes the other people in the row uncomfortable.

Now, my ass fessed up, so what floats your boat? Don't worry--no one here will judge you. If they do, I'll just delete his/her damn comment. I am the Motherfucking Queen of this Universe! Everyone is allowed to be honest here. There will be no shunning. NO SHUNNING ALLOWED.

Note: The motherfuckers here (and this includes SB!) don't need to hear about your personal fetish in VAST detail. Just a general idea will do fine. I have no wish to start a Mannequin Lovers forum here. Here is a link, in case you think I jest, about der Mannequin Fetishists (the best part is the first comment underneath the damn story.) Link:


Syd said...

My boat floats on a fiberglass hull. So my personal fetish is being on my boat and being naked. It's really freeing.

downtown guy said...

Heck no, my mama reads these comments.

Ms. Moon said...

Heck no, my children read these comments.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That fetish sounds really nice to me. Nothing like fresh sea air on the private parts. You go, my brother.

This is true. However, your mama is one of the most understanding human beings I know. Everyone is sexual. Your mama, of all people, knows this.

Still, I get what you're saying. The Moms hates it when I talk about my chochka in public forums.
You're excused.

Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

personal fetish..light bulbs I'm saying no more

Brother Frankie said...

public places..

love the chance of being caught. (not good for a minister)

woman dressed like stereo typed librarians! glasses and all

nurses.. (married one or two) just love the white pantyhose.

i would also add church girls but that would be oh so friggin wrong.

love ya SB.. im thinking that pic is you under all that cuddley wool..

Be Blessed
Brother Frankie
A kinky Biker for Christ

(my word verification was "bedness". Sound like a disorder of some sort)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Love you back, Brother Frankie, my Biker for Christ friend. Thanks for reading me.