Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Uncle Ted Is Gone

SB has the BIG SADS today. I just now heard that everybody's uncle, Ted Kennedy, died. He and I were in agreement on nearly every political issue, and I will really miss his calm reasonable voice and steadfastness.

A few days after his brain surgery, I read that some of the Democrats in congress advised Ted's beloved wife, Vicky, that they really needed Ted's presence in the Senate in order to break a tie vote on an important issue (Medicaid). I think it says a lot that Ted made the great effort to show up and do what he felt was his duty, despite the fact that Vicky didn't want him to go. Ted Kennedy was made of stern and solid stuff. If I was Ted, I probably would have just coasted on the Kennedy name, but Ted worked hard for most of his life.

I remember both Bob Geldof and Bono marveling at Ted's knowledge of Africa's plight. They said he just rolled off facts and figures. He had totally done his homework.

I think one of the most important things that Ted did was to be a surrogate father to his many nieces and nephews. By all accounts, he was well loved and respected by the children of Bobby and JFK, as well as his own kids.

God speed and God bless, Ted. You will be missed.

[If you have anything bad to say about Ted, fuck you. Your comments are not welcome here.]


Ms. Moon said...

He was a human being with all of a human's weaknesses and flaws. But his strengths were not common, they were amazing. I think he had a huge heart. He will be missed and what he did for social change will live on for a very long time. We sure could use him right now.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Boy, you can say that again, Ms. Moon.

Sheria said...

A beautiful tribute, you know how I feel about Senator Kennedy. I am not only saddened by his death but I fear that he is irreplaceable. We need his voice now more than ever.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I fear the same thing. It's a very sad day for our nation.

Love to you,


Lou said...

Politics don't matter now. You have to give the man his due..he served the USA his entire life.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I agree. Let the nasty folks criticize when they've lost three brothers in service to this country.


Syd said...

SB, I agree with the commenters. He had his dark times and issues but he was dedicated to humanity. He was a great to be sure. It is indeed a sad day.

Marco Dante said...

Hi SB,

We are in complete agreement on ol' Teddy. I have been stuck lately and haven't been able to write a post for a few days. But I keep coming back to a bit from Seinfeld when Kramer asks George if he ever yearns. I've been wondering what it is that I yearn for. One thing that keeps popping into my head since Senator Kennedy died is "Camelot." No, not the musical. And while the Kennedy's certainly had their flaws, they always strived for something better and always presented a front (however thin the veneer might have been) of culture and sophistication. I do miss that world, and sadly, it is gone forever.
Luv, Marco

Sarcastic Bastard said...

As usual, I'm with you on this. I'm very sad too.

Sending love,