Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do You Know Why You're Overweight?

There is a new commercial out which asks the viewer the question: Do you know why you're overweight? I'm getting old now, like daddums, who talks back to the TV a lot, so I answered that annoying fucking question with another question.

Do you know why you're overweight?

Uhhhhhhmmmmmmmm, because my fat ass only gets up to take a piss or to stuff my face with junk food and guzzle more wine?

What really kills me is then the announcer's voice goes on to say: It's not your fault you are overweight.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Who the fuck's fault is it then, if not mine? I don't remember anyone force feeding me brownies and pizza or commanding that I stop exercising.

On second thought, maybe it is somebody else's fault. I got mighty depressed the eight years that damn moron, George W. Bush, was in office. We'll just blame it on him. That was the one good thing that came out of his abortion of a presidency. It gave us a place to lay blame for ALL THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS. I know blaming is not productive, but it sure is FUN!


Ms. Moon said...

There is deep truth here, Ms. Bastard. Deep, profound truth.
It's ALL GWB's fault.

Syd said...

That is a ton of cellulite.'s a bad vision for me.

Gledwood said...

that's yurksome

Gledwood said...

ps I would certainly blame that on George W Bush

Sarcastic Bastard said...

SB has MISSED HELL OUT OF YOU. You haven't commented for a few days (see I notice this shit), and you were missed.

You are loved. Glad you're back.


Kat Skratch said...

I'll blame my 5 lb weight gain on Bush. Yup. Fuck that bastard!