Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NeNe Is the Damn Show!

SB just LOVES The Real Housewives of Atlanta! I loves my NeNe Leakes! I could hang with that bitch. And also, Dwight. I could hang with those two bitches! They need to pay NeNe's ass more moNAY, because I wouldn't even bother to watch that boring-ass shit without her. She IS the damn show.


Gledwood said...

Real Housewives of New Jersey is coming to Channel 4 here THIS WEEK!

I know Americans seem to go mad on that series, so I spose I'll have to watch it to see why ...

... I'm off in a minute. Ugly Betty's on (Channel 4 again ~ they show everything cutting edge and perverted; not that cutting edge things are necessarily perverted but you know what I mean (I hope)) at 10pm and it's 9.57 as I speak ...

sKILLz said...

RHONJ was OFF DA HOOK! your going to LOVE it Gledwood!
I'm not going to say anything and spoil it for you but your in for a treat!
Were waiting for Season 2 here.

Now SB we usually have the same taste when it comes to this kind of thing but I see we don't here.
Nene is a fucking asshole & so is her gay man, whatever her name is.
I am a few shows behind on this season but will catch up soon, I don't think anything I see will change my mind on her.
Stay Up!