Tuesday, August 18, 2009

E-mail from the Moms

After my cousin's wedding, my parents followed my brother and sister-in-law back to their home in Massachusetts. I just received this e-mail from the Moms. In spite of myself, it made me laugh. You'd have to know my brother.

We made it to MA last night at around 10 o'clock. Their house is beautiful and the view is wonderful. This morning after coffee, Steve proceeded to mow the lawn with his new riding mower. Dad took a walk. The next thing we knew, Steve was in the house with a deep gash/cut on his shin. He had decided to try riding the mower into the gully which runs down behind their house. When the mower got stuck, luckily he shut the mower off and then pulled it backwards and then his foot slipped and went under the mower and the hitch came back into his ankle and made a dent and a trangular cut in his thigh. Because it didn't bleed much, I'm hoping it's nothing serious. They're at the emergency room right now. Will let you know.


Syd said...

Yikes. A triangular cut reminds me of the AA/Al-Anon triangle. Glad that the mower shut off.

Ms. Moon said...

I hope it's nothing serious, too.

Sheria said...

Guess the mower didn't come with a warning label, "Do not attempt to mow the gully."

sKILLz said...

Wow sounds like some cut.
If there isn't much blood then probably not too deep.
I would say just keep it clean because nothing is worse then a infection! Shit an infection can turn a little ass cut into a abscess, or staph infection. Next thing you know you have to get it lanced and drained and packed and well you know the deal!
Stay Up

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That was funny!

Love, SB.