Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Always Knew Saying Fuck It Was a Spiritual Experience

I just purchased this motherfucking book:

Product Description

Everyone can relate to F**k It. The Times. Saying Fuck It is like a massage for the mind: relaxing you, releasing tension, allowing you to give up on things that aren't working. Just starting to say Fuck It can transform your life. [This shit is exciting! I've always wanted to transform my life through cussing. Finally, a spiritual path my ass can actually embrace!] And John C. Parkin argues that saying Fuck It is a spiritual act: that it is the perfect western expression of the eastern ideas of letting go, giving up and finding real freedom by realising that things don't matter so much (if at all). This is the Fuck It way. [That's my new mantra--This is the Fuck It way, motherfuckers.]

About the Author

John C. Parkin, the son of Anglican preachers [poor fucker], realised that saying Fuck It was as good as all the eastern spiritual practices he d been studying for 20 years. Having said Fuck It to a top job in London, he escaped to Italy to set up the retreat centre The Hill That Breathes, where he now teaches regular Fuck It Weeks with his wife Gaia. He writes regularly on his website ( and has been featured on TV, such as The Graham Norton Show, and in the national press, including The Guardian, The Observer, The Times, Psychologies, Cosmopolitan and Red Magazine.

John C. Parkin, marry me! I believe I've just had a damn spiritual epiphany. I understand the main idea here is that when anything bad happens in your life, the proper response is to YELL, "FUCK IT!" That would definitely be a stress reliever for SB. Fo sho.

Here's something else for your church, Ms. Moon. I think we should add this shit to the spiritual exercises. Capiche?


Ms. Moon said...

Totally, babe. But I think Fuck It may be our holy motto already. It's always worked for me. I am also a big proponent of the "Fuck That Shit," mantra. Or, for very high, holy occasions, of course we say, "Fuck that fucking shit."

Steph said...

I need that book. :)

miss alaineus said...

for some reason i hear strains of the tune for the alleluia in my head, but the words fuck it are stretched out to the meter of the music.


Heather said...

as always it's a delight reading your blog

Syd said...

I think it a lot and sometimes say it. But mostly I kinda live the Fuck It life. Hey, I saw a huge yacht yesterday while rowing that had your initials on it--SB. I figured that you came to town for a little R and R.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Amen, Ms. Moon. AMEN.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

US Amazon sells it too, so Fuck It, I bought it.

Love you.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Miss Alaineus,
You may have just written our new church hymn!

Hot damn.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thank you. It's a delight reading your comments.

You are loved.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

You found me out. Damn. A yacht would certainly be my pick on the high seas.

Actually, I get terribly sea sick to the point where I have to lay out flat on my back on deck and eat spicy bean dip, in order not to toss my cookies. Seriously. Don't know why bean dip works, but it does. Must be one of the ingredients in it. I don't even like bean dip normally.

Anonymous said...

I like how amazon gives you that thing where they tell you what other books people ultimately bought after looking at that one. This one is right up there with The Secret and The Power of Now! Great find, SB!