Friday, May 29, 2009

Candy Spelling Looks Like a Damn Pug Dog!

There is a reason this bitch did not pose with a pug dog. The resemblance would be WAY TOO UNCANNY! I don't like Candy because her ass is mean to Tori. And yes, SB does like Tori!

I know a lot of blogs make fun of Tori for being fug, but she seems like a sweet person to me. And also, Tori's ass works hard for a living. I'd have just kissed Candy's ass, so I could get my share of daddy Aaron's fortune. Work is a four-letter word, motherfuckers!


AnnaGrace said...

I'm starting to like Tori too. Its that damn show on Oxygen, she's one hard working mommy, who could have had the moon handed to her on a silver platter, but she didn't take it.

He mom is one gold diggin whore, who married a man for his money, and not for love. Smart, but still I dislike her because she won't make nice with her only daughter. Is she her step mom, because that would explain it better. I just started watching Tori and Dean, so I'm not clear on all the facts.

Do you like the show Big Brother?
Just curious.

Love ya SB

Morgaine said...

hey, SB - thinking of you this weekend and hoping that all goes smoothly and with as little back pain as possible! stay strong, dude.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hiya Anna. No, Candy is Tori's real mother--not step. She is awful.

I never watch Big Brother over here, but I have watched the English version--Celebrity Big Brother--I love it!

Thanks for reading. Hope everything is good.



Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Morgaine. I will be in touch soon.



Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah she does look like a pug, but they have a lot better personalities in my opinion. She's not a classy enough bitch to hang with those ones. :P So like today's the big day. I wish you the best for the move and hope all is well and you get a bit of rest before you have to return to work.

Gledwood said...

So THAT is the famous Candy Spelling!! I heard she was running around town having an obvious affair as poor Aaron lay on his deathbed... but Hollywood loves creating rumours like that... I spose you know all about their famous megahouse replete with present-wrapping room..? When they finally plucked up courage to throw a party they still couldn't face the idea of 500 "close" friends poking round their property and so hired a massive marquee and consigned everyone to the garden.

And so the famous Present Wrapping Room goes unglimpsed by the great unwashed as we speak..!

BTW what has she done to Tori? Disinherited her??

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That ho disinherited Tori and still hasn't seen her damn grandkids! She is an old meany.