Monday, May 18, 2009

Incarnations of Burned Children by DFW

Link to Esquire:


Ask Aunt B said...

That really blew my was kinda hard to ingest but of course caused me to want more, to understand more, to just understand, ya know?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks for making the effort and reading the story. It's good to know people occasionally check out the things I link to, Aunt B. I find DFW is somewhat obscure, but rewarding nevertheless. I hope you found the same.

And to all you lazy-ass motherfuckers who were too damn indolent to click on the link, fuck you. I don't post this shit for my health. I'm trying to educate you ignorant fucks.

And yes, I am a little grouchy today. I got one damn response on this highly literate shit. I don't know why I bother.

Ask Aunt B said...

SB Darling,

Oh, I surely need edjumacation. Actually you turned me onto DFW and now my goal is to read Infinite Jest, that is, if you recommend it? I can not ever act like I'd been aware of this fine author because I was not. I am simply a writer in training and know very little of the literary world. (Now isn't that funny coming from the daughter of a book publisher? It's the truth though and you will also note that I am guilty of comma abuse. I am your worst nightmare, lol)

Ask Aunt B said...

PS. Did it not frustrate you, that piece. I mean I wanted to know more about finally happened to the little boy, ya know? I do suppose that is the magic of it and an enduring piece where you do so desire more, even an epilogue, right?

Ask Aunt B said...

PSS, [Are you thinking, "God Babz is a pain in the ass!]

Just wanted to say have a good holiday weekend. I wish for you to continue to find the silver lining in every given situation, even if it is watching the sheer joy of your pets consumption of poo, hahaha!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I do recommend Infinite Jest. It is huge though. I have been reading it off and on for about 4 months now. I am not even half way through yet.

A lot of DFW's work is slightly frustrating. I struggle to understand him entirely because he was, quite literally, a genius.

I lost a damn lot of brain cells to the drink, man. I struggle to keep up.

You have a great holiday weekend, too, and thanks for reading.

Love ya,