Monday, May 4, 2009

What Happened to Etan Patz?

I remember Etan's story being on the news. It is hard to believe it happened 30 years ago. The poor parents. I really don't know how people survive the loss of a child. The world is a dark and dangerous place.

[Excerpt from What Happened to Etan Patz. Link to full article after excerpt.]

But then there was the tabloid photographer whose question they would never forget.

“Would you mind working up a few tears for me now,” the man asked Julie, “so I don’t have to come back and bother you again when they find the body?

Link to story:


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, is that true? Of course it is; people are disgusting.

~Babz~ said...

OMG, reprehensible. I'd have kicked his ass so far down his throat they wouldn't be able to tell if he was farting or burping. [I just made that up, rather lame I suppose but you get the pic, eh?]

~Babz~ said...

How frustrating that's got to be for those parents. Oh yes, he'll pay it just may not be till his death.

Oddly enough, they mentioned Warren, Pa. and the Rainbow people. Warren is 25 minutes away from me and they descend upon Warren every summer (nasty buggers). Also, the Attorney with GraBois' name was Brian O'Dwyer. It is not my brother but that is my maiden name and my brothers name. The O'Dwyer's are a growing clan but we'd have to be related. Isn't it ironic. Don't ya think?