Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post for My Scissor Brother, Nick

Because Nick spins me right round.

Check out Nick's totally awesome, very funny, highly-creative blog, Sex Dwarf. Link is in my blog list on the right side of the post, because I am too damn lazy to copy and paste it.

Anyhoo, Nick is the kid SB never had (along with Ginger and the Disdainful One). He is good-looking, intelligent, and was a handful for his parents, just like any kid of mine would be. He is SB's fam and I love him. If he wasn't located across the pond, I'd hug him, and love him, and make him my very own bunny to quote a cartoon.

[Did I mention that I AM THE #1 AMERICAN FAN OF PETE BURNS? Well, I am. It's official, because that shit is posted here. Pete is a damn Goddess, walking the Earth and shedding the blinding light of his glamouressness on us mere mortals.]


Anonymous said...

How in hell did you know I love that song and Pete Burns LOL and thnx cos I've not heard that mix before. It's such a cool present. Dope also recorded it and theirs is cool too.
Pete Burns was on big brother a couple of years ago and wow what a show, class A bitch..LOL those lil wannabees didn't know what hit em. As a task they all had to sing their hits and he was the only one who could do it. He belted it out unaccompanied. It was awesome.
I know you would hug and love me babe and it makes me feel good, just know I do the same for you.
And Thnx that present rocked hard.
Love Ya scissor sistter..always run with scissors btw it makes life sooo much more interesting I find.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I loved Celebrity Big Brother UK! I watched every, single episode of that on Youtube, and it took forever to load that shit, and they were downloaded into like 10 minute bits, so there must have been like fifty of them. But I sacrificed for my darling Pete. I watched every single one! I loved how he tore into Tracy Bingham. Can you say viscious? I am still waiting for some saint to post the Pete's PA episodes. I so want to see them!