Sunday, May 3, 2009

David Bowie Doing Some Mimey-Ass Pretentious Shit

I was reminded watching this viddy that David Bowie was a damn trained mime or some shit when he was younger. Did I mention that I think Dave's one of the best looking people in the history of our planet EVER? Well, he is. I am unanimous in that.

In the video below, Dave is doing some mimey-ass shit. Dave tries a little too hard to be arty sometimes, and that shit gets on my nerves. Sometimes, Dave's kind of a pretentious motherfucker, but he does have moments of genius, so you've just got to roll your eyes and cut him some slack.

As a side note, mimes give SB the fucking creeps because THEY DON'T SAY ANYTHING. They just stand there, and you have to keep up both ends of the conversation. Can you imagine being on a date with a damn mime? Do you suppose they don't even make any noise during sex? That would be really uncomfortable, especially if you're a screamer.

Has anyone ever fucked a mime? If so, could you please post about your experience in the comments section? You can post anonymously if you like. Or, you can post as Mime Fucker so it will catch our attention. Thanks!

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