Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Madge Has the Damn Dementia

And this outfit is proof! Someone is really wanting some attention. Madge's bony ass canNOT possibly think this shit looks good. Doesn't her ass have a stylist, and if she does, is it Bobby Trendy? Madge's goddamn hair bow doesn't even match the damn dress! She will never woo Sean Penn back looking like this mess.

Madge is an old fart now, and she needs to have some damn decorum! Lindsay Lohan has better taste than this. And SB doesn't give a good goddamn if it's Christian Lacroix. His shit DOES NOT look good on older women. It doesn't really look good on younger women either. It's just loud and FUG.

The Moms gets mad when fat people go out in too small clothes. She always asks, Don't they have a damn mirror? [Okay, the Moms doesn't cuss. I added the damn, people.]



sKILLz said...

Whats scary is that she can afford anything in the world and she wear THIS???
Didn't someone tell her she looked like a ass?
Are they all afraid to say anything?
Stay Up

Lou said...

Let me say this about that. That neurotic broad is from Detroit, but she never gives one damn nickel to this city. Our homeboys, Eminem and Kid Rock, do all kinds of good deeds here. Eminem still lives here, and God knows if I were him I would have left a long time ago.
Detroit hates Madonna!

Syd said...

This looks like something that King Henry VIII would have worn. Not at all flattering.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Screw Madonna if she can't help her hometown, huh, Lou?

Our hometown boy is Martin Sheen. He always comes back and helps. He is a gem and one hell of a great actor. We are very proud of him.

sKILLz said...

Lou another reason as to why I love you! Your SO RIGHT when it comes to Eminem and Kid Rock.

They give back to there home town ALL the time.

One time Eminem went into an old trailer park where he grew up and gave out winter coats for all the kids, then he went to the school and made sure the rest of the kids had winter coats as well.

Can you even imagine how excited that must be to a child?
not only getting a new coat but it coming from someone like EMINEM?!?!
Always loved them both!

Madge can go fuck her self as far as I'm concerned.
Shes a dick wad with alot of cash and doesn't do the right thing with it.

She THINKS that by adopting children from other countries she helping out.
FUCK THAT! She needs to give to the people that are actually buying her shit.
Oh another rant I can go on and on with....
Stay Up!

Lou said...

Yo, Slim Shady! He is hot too (in a low slung pant, white trash kind of way. Remember when he nailed Brittany Murphy in 8 Mile).

Kid Rock is putting on a huge concert in Detroit for the 4th of July. Cypress Hill, a car show, chili cook off-a real party. Tickets $99. That's cheap for that show.

Martin Sheen..? Well a benefactor is a benefactor..LOL