Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Real Housewives of New York Reunion

SB's ass stayed up late last night to watch Part 1 of the Real Housewives of New York Reunion. That shit was great! Normally, the housewives all gang up on one particular housewife and go at her, but last night, all those bitches were calling out all the other bitches. It was an hour of TOTAL CHAOS! SB loved that shit! I can't wait for Part 2 on Thursday night.

I always say, if you like to gossip or make fun of others, come and sit next to me. Any of these bitches would be welcome to sit next to me at a party--except for that bug-eyed bitch, Ramona. Her, I'd have to clock.

Ramona is just horrible, and for the life of me, I can't figure out what her husband sees in her. Ramona's husband is good-looking, but he is sort of a shallow competitive asshole, as we saw in the tennis match episode this season. So I guess shallow attracts shallow. Also, Ramona has a damn tummy, and her ass is always wearing skin-tight dresses that accentuate that shit. You are not 20 anymore, Ramona! Either have a damn tummy tuck or stop wearing that shit before I go blind.

I also despise that dried-up husk of a ho, Kelly Bensimon. She thinks her ass is too good for everyone. Bitch has skin that looks like rawhide. She needs to get over her damnself.

The housewives I like most are Jill and Bethenny. Jill has a good heart (I love Jill's mother), and Bethenny just calls shit likes she sees it. Her on-going feud with rawhide Kelly amuses me to no end. My ass is Team Bethenny!

I know the Real Housewives is no intellectual masterpiece, but I don't give a damn. There is nothing like a good cat fight, especially when rich bitches go at it! I just love watching these hos trying to one-up each other.


Syd said...

I'm among the uninformed of the world because I've never watched it.

marcodante said...

Great Recap. My guilty pleasure that I am loath to admit. I only come across it accidentally while flipping channels. But I guess it's no accident that I KEEP watching it, instead of going through the other 500 channels.
I agree with everything you said. Ramona is so skanky. Love Jill. Liked Bethany a lot, until recently. With her book and her Skinny Girl cock-tales she's started getting uppity and full of herself, (and even more) shallow.
Would love to hear your thoughts on the rest of them. And oh, please, Eric is sooo gay.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hey, Marco. Great to hear from you! I know, the show is totally addictive.

The Countess drives me nuts, too. She is pretentious as fuck. I think she has a good heart, deep down, but is basically insecure. Don't you?

Alex and Simon are good-hearted, but shallow. I did find it ironic that Alex was the only one with any decorum on the reunion shows. She was smart enough to mostly keep her trap shut. The others all looked really bad.

Eric is gay, huh? Nothing would surprise me really.

Love, SB.

debbi radford said...

Oh, SB! Love the ladies! Rewatched both reunion shows yesterday and will do it again today. I always find something I missed. So right on with the Ramona tummy quote. I HATE Kelly too! Not fan of
Bethany's greenish dress with matching eyeshadow and had big love for her last season; not so much this time around. Jill looks hot! I used to wonder what Mario was doing with Ramona and this season we found out. He just kept his offish self secret longer than the others were able too. Hated Silex's redecorating, but have come to appreciate them. And Alex is so talented with her drawings. how does one do that on a pc???? Happy viewing weekend to you!! debbi