Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Photo I Happen to Damn Hell Like

This is another damn lunatic (theme!) photo I just happen to like. Bitch likes cats. This is like pre-Jocelyn Wildenstein, peeps. Ho has a painted face because they didn't do all that damn plastic surgery shit in those days. SB would hang out with this ho. We'd have a good time. We could dress the cat up and shit. Can you tell the cat is a little frightened? Fucker is sitting on the FAR END of the damn sofa. He's taking NO chances.

SB has always wanted to be institutionalized. You could watch crappy TV all day long, you wouldn't have to work, except to make t-shirts or some damn shit in occupational therapy, and you would get lots of free drugs. And BONUS, I wouldn't have to shave my damn legs, because they DO NOT trust crazy bitches with razors. Of course, I would find it hard to go to the bathroom if an attendant had to go with me and watch me. There are downsides to everydamnthang. If I don't teach your special-ed asses anything else, let it be that!


North West London Girl said...

Perhaps a short stay could be arranged - a mini break xx

Lori said...

Oh wow, we are on the same wavelength my friend. I just posted about my longing to be in fuzzy slippers doing meaningless art therapy and doing the Thorazine shuffle. I guess when enough is enough we all reach that point. I am with you on the leg shaving crap. We shall overcome this , whatever "this" is....

Syd said...

If you run up and down your street naked and screaming Pillage, Plunder, then you might get your wish. But then I would miss you because I doubt that you would be allowed to blog in the insane asylum.

adrienne said...

i've feel the same way once in a while. it's never really been about the drugs so much as the extended vacation.

i'm so tired. sigh.

Ms. Moon said...

I don't know. I had to go Chattahoochee for part of my nursing school clinicals and believe me- NOT FUN! If you do go to a facility, make sure it's not state-run.

adrienne said...

did i already send you a comment?

Jeannie said...

I was thinking of doing a bitch post about all the bitches getting plastic surgery. It seems every woman on the Dog Whisperer is a freak. They look like they are wearing plastic halloween masks or something. Totally creepy. Why does anyone do that to themselves?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

North West London Girl,
Yeah, I could try it before I buy it, so to speak. A mini break at the asylum sounds swell. Laugh.

We could be roommates at the asylum. What do you think?

I would find a way to post, believe me. If I die, I will find a way to post. Laugh.

Yes, an extended vacation. Exactly.

Ms. Moon,
Sometime I want to hear all about Chattahoochee. I'm damn serious. The mentally ill fascinate me.

Yes. Thank you.

For the life of me, I do not know. Looks terrible and creepy and unnatural.

Love to all.