Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Condolences from a Typical Ill-Educated FOX News Viewer

Iam So Sorry To Hear Of You Dear Daughter's Death! just from What I Heard & Seen On FOX New's Bring's This Tragic Death Of Such a Bright & Beatiful Daughter! That Some Thing Go without saying! That You Daughter is in Hevean with our Lord! & I Know that Your Family is in Deep Mourning! My Thought & Prayers are With your Family an as Mother's day Apporaches it will be a Diffult Day So I will say an Extra Prayer for Yall on this up coming weekend! Again I am So Very Sorry!


Gledwood said...

Well at least it's spelled nicely. Or did someone edit through...

where exactly did you get that from? you mean the thing they sometimes do when they ask you to email in and you know no-one's ever gonna bother reading it out?

i heard fox news = real conservative btw. i'm so glad for the anti-bias laws we have here that save us from that

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You heard right. FOX News is totally conservative. Bill O'Reilly has a show on that network.



Ms. Moon said...

Do you think (s)he is sorry?

adrienne said...

um. wow.