Friday, August 27, 2010

Mick Jagger Was Right (But His Old Ass Still Needs to Retire and Have Some Decorum and Shit)

The Rolling Stones played Dayton, Ohio, years ago (when they were young and not a bunch of old wrinkled ugly prunes), and in between songs, Mick Jagger said, "Fuck you, Dayton!" Fucker went on to expound upon how much his skinny ass HATED Dayton, Ohio. Of course the damn Daytonians were so dumb, they ate it up. Those fucking assholes went crazy.


Jeannie said...

Crowds love it when a star says fuck. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

HAHA Only a rock star can say Fuck you and make you happy...

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Yeah. People are dumb.

Have a great weekend, babe. No more scary storms, I hope.

Love you two,


Ms. Moon said...

Frankly, I would love to have Mick Jagger's body. Oh wait. Not in a carnal way. But those arms? Hell yes.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
Yeah, the body definitely has held up better than the face. Also, the fucker has great hair. I think that's an English trait.



Ms. Moon said...

I believe he WORKS HARD at that body. And I sort of love the fact that he and old Keef have refused to fuck with plastic surgery. They have the faces they have earned.

Young at Heart said...

oooooooh that is one scarry picture.....and I'm a fan!!

Denny Coates said...

I don't know about Dayton, but I've served time in Topeka, Kansas. I still have siblings who live there, so I visit every now and then. That place gives me the heebie-jeebies. They have a lake and a park, but aside from that, the 75,000 souls who live there have little else to do but shop the mall, watch cable TV, go to church and go out for fast-food.

Maybe that's what Mick was talking about. While I'm on the topic of the Stones, I never got him either. Ugly, lousy voice, repetitious lyrics. But I'm sure he's too busy counting his money to care about my brand of music criticism....

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
They didn't have plastic surgery because women aren't as shallow as men, and we'd still fall in love with a scheezy old wrinkly fuck because they were smart or witty or something. You can bet Keith and Mick wouldn't marry an old scheezy woman, no matter how intelligent or funny she was.

Yes, I am cynical.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I was born and raised in the Dayton area. It does sound about like Topeka. All there is to do here is to eat out or go to church. I am very good at the former, but avoid the latter like the damn plague.

Love you. Please give my love to Kathleen, as well. Y'all enjoy the weekend.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Young at Heart,
Thanks for reading me. I appreciate hell out of it.



Old Midhurstian said...

I have to agree with you; it's really way past time that MJ retired. It's somewhat embarrassing watching a man of his years pretending to be a rebellious teenager.

Having said that he's probably the only good thing to ever come out of Woking (Surrey, UK)


Syd said...

Keef is still my favorite. He has earned every wrinkle and lost brain cell.

Sweden said...

wow thats what he looks like now, dude he looks like pure shit and he used to be so old is he now (too lazy to google)

Steph(anie) said...

Only a man could have a pace that pruny and still be sexy. I like 'em rough around the edges.

Boonie S said...

Mick is a bit too ‘establishment’ nowadays. I preferred the Stones when they were pissing up petrol station walls and would never smile for photos.

All the best from Boonie

michelle said...

I'm diggin Mick's arms, too


Nellie said...

Maybe it is cynical but I think you've got it nailed when you said to Ms. Moon that women are not as shallow as men and that's why less men have plastic surgery. You're so right that Mick Jagger, no matter how wrinkly his face, will always have women fawning over him because of his charisma and musical genius. I'm sure there are those men out there who are an exception to this, but not many.
And he might not work that hard at his body, I don't know. But my brother who is, like, a total shithead junkie who eats candy, smokes, drinks soda, and shoots dope every day is jacked. I hate to admit it but he does nothing good for himself and he's totally hot. I hate him for it. He does do manual labor, which burns calories. And he does it outside so he gets a tan, which helps. But it's not like he's lifting weights and drinking protein shakes. And he's got arms better than Mick's. I swear. Some bitches just have it all. WTF?

Alison Cross said...

Right - if my comment doesn't go through THIS time, me and Blogger are going to fall out *sigh*

All I wanted to say was that he's getting to look more like a Shar Pei dog every day.


Sandra Moreano said...

Fucking Mick

West Hollywood Voyeur said...

I know, I can't look at old rockers anymore! I just keep remembering them when they were young! I know it's bad but Rock n Roll is about sex appeal and when that's gone so am I!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Me too, but I Mick is BEYOND rough around the edges. He looks like an apple-faced doll or some shit.

Love you,


Sarcastic Bastard said...
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Sarcastic Bastard said...

He sure as hell is establishment. BIG TIME.

Love you. Have a great week!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Keith is my favorite, too. Fucker is a low stress type. He'll probably live to be 110, despite his excesses. Actually, in the recent Louis Vuitton ads, he rather resembled my Grandma Peg. It sort of endeared him even more to me. Laugh.



Sarcastic Bastard said...

Yes, he does have a good body still. We could put a bag over his head and do him, right?

I am jealous of your brother. I hate people like that. Actually, I was like that when I was younger. I miss it. Now, I have to cut carbs and run to maintain a semi-decent weight.

You're right on about that. It made me laugh because it's so damn true.

Thanks for reading me. I hope you are doing okay and are still managing to find time for yourself and your artwork.

West Hollywood Voyeur,
I'm with you, but then I'm one shallow motherfucker. Laugh. I'm a very visual sort of person.

Love to all! Thanks for the great comments.


Kathleen Scott said...

Shoot! I missed this on Friday. I saw the Rolling Stones when they were young, raw and unbathed, playing county fairs in England. Smell kept spectators upwind...

His face looks like a topo map of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Yes, it does look like a topo map. Great analogy!