Friday, August 6, 2010

Pint-Sized Male Ballet Dancer Gives the Beat Down to Some Thieving Bitches on the BART

"I kind of chuckled, like c'mon, give it back. He said, "What!? It's my iPhone, bitch!' If I didn't have alcohol in me I would have probably cringed and cried from how mean he looked at me. I thought, 'If he gets through those double doors, it's gone.'"

SB admires this little ho's spirit, but admittedly, I also admire the thug's eloquent way with words.

But Stewart did have alcohol in him. And he'd been rehearsing West Side Story with the ballet, "so I was in the mode of rumbling on stage." Plus, two of his friends had recently gotten their phones stolen and he wasn't about to be the next.


Link to heartwarming story of a rumbling small fry administering a beat down to a bunch of motherfucking thieving motherfuckers:

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Nellie said...

That's crazy. Good for him. I hate bullies. What makes some people think they can just snatch stuff from people? I'm surprised the dancer didn't get charged with assault or something. I'm glad other passengers supported him. But no one got up to help fight, huh?