Friday, August 13, 2010

This Is Sickening

What is wrong with this society that young women are thinking this is desirable? Most men certainly don't think it's attractive, therefore, it must be mostly women making this body type desirable. Let's stop, okay? Because it's NOT okay or attractive, and it sends a terrible message to all women, especially young women.

p.s. Tyra Banks YOU ARE NOT HELPING! Cut that fucking shit out.

[Note: I am unequivocally NOT promoting fat acceptance either. One extreme is as bad health-wise as the other, but how about a middle, healthy, average weight? How about we work on making that the ideal?]


ZenGato said...

THANK YOU! I hate how so many people seem to think it is an either or. Either you have to think that kinda sick shit is normal or that being fat is great. I am all for accepting yourself but reality is a good thing to accept, too. I am a fattie, I don't hate myself but I do not delude myself. I would be healthier about 4 sizes smaller but if I were, say, 7 size smaller I would be just as unhealthy as I am now!

Reeny's Ramblin' said...

Oh man, that is super sad.

I have a younger relative that suffers from an eating disorder, she also has an extreme compulsion to work out non stop. At 17 she weighs in at 97 pounds and is 5'9 in height. Because she excercises so intensely her body is basically eating itself alive.

A couple of months ago her parents found a series of suicide notes that she never made good on....yet.

So ya, fuck Tyra Banks and the rest of the evil devils that are guilty of propagating this behaviour adn neagtive self image in women young and old.

Jeannie said...

She's a freak. And like the bird's nest hairdo given when elegant was asked for, FREAK is the new art form. Which isn't. Like rap music. Like horn implants. Like full body tattoos. People want to push the envelope because infamy is no different than fame these days and much easier to come by - and with a great many of the same rewards.

Evidence that maybe we're due a worldwide flood to clean up the planet.

Di-Git said...

Horribel to watch her starve herself. I was in a therapy group with a woman who would eat only specific items....The therapist gave her work outside the group to order a big mac at mcdonalds. This might have been extreme but watching her starve was also very extreme.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Sounds to me like you have a good grip on reality. That's better than a lot of folks anymore.

I hope your relative overcomes (or at least finds a point to maintain). I think it's as hard to get over an eating disorder as it is to quit drugs or drink when you are addicted. The odds are not so good.

I like your theory about infamy. I think you may well be right, too.

Welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting. Please join us often.

Love to all,


Findon said...

Well said indeed. This is not the way society should be heading.

Ms. Moon said...

Don't worry. That girl is an alien. I mean- look at her! Jesus.
We should feel sorry for her for so many reasons.

Gledwood said...

Poor Tyra Banks can't help what colour her skin is but it does annoy me all these "black" women in the public eye who basically look mixed race. In fact that's the one thing I like about Naomi Campbell, she really does look proper black!

And that girl is fucking ridiculously thin. If she carries on like that she's really going to look haggard and shit when she's not very much older...

Petit fleur said...

So sad.

I couldn't agree more.

Have great weekend. (I'm gonna have a few beers myself!!)

Sweden said...

That is disgusting, she does not need to be on a fucking modeling show, she needs the hospital.

I've been super skinny my whole life, 4 years ago i weighed 110lbs at 5"8, it WAS my natural weight, i do eat (and lots) i hated my body though and people always made comments thinking i was anorexic. I used to be super paranoid about people thinking i was, so if i would be at a restaurant, and after eating had to pee, i would actually wait 1 hour before going because i was paranoid people thought i was going to throw up. People used to be real cruel to me about my weight, and there was nothing i could do about it, i would over eat and fatty foods, and not gain a pound. then when my doctor put me on my anti psychotic meds within 4 weeks i gained 30 lbs, i'm now 136lbs and i am SO happy. Finally after all these years i'm at a normal weight (still skinny yes) but i dont look sick like before. Now if only i could get another 15-20 lbs i'd be uber happy.

Syd said...

It all goes back to Scarlett O'Hara and the 19 inch waist!

Mary said...

A-the-fuck-men to that AND to the comments too.

Extreme is exactly that, extreme. And as a fat woman working to trim down and build strength, the middle ground is VERY appealing and I will celebrate (probably with food - OH THE IRONY) when I get there :)

Chic Mama said...

Urghhh, so with you on that! X

Alison Cross said...

At the risk of drawing the fearsome firepower of the wonderful SB, I have to say that I like a corset.

But not for every day. And certainly not for a freakish waistline like this.

Tight-lacing is fetishistic and not what anyone should ever aspire to as a 'natural' figure.

Corsets are for stage, for costume, for back trouble, the bedroom and for any social occasion where you need to hold securely in place anything that could cause public alarm if it escaped :-)

The best thing about a corset is getting it off at the end of the night and allowing your (ie my!) body to unfold like an ol' duvet!

Ali x

Nellie said...

SB - That is a great post. I think it is mostly women putting the stress on other women. In my experience, men in general seem to like almost all women. The media these days does put a heavy emphasis on being overly thin. It's pretty sad. I like how you reach out to ask all the women who read your blog to stop this nonsense. We are the only ones who can. By being healthy ourselves and keeping our families healthy. I am trying to be more personally conscious of my health, and I've lost a little extra weight in the process. But I'd never want to be that skinny. I feel so bad for her. Because it really does become a disease just like a drug addiction, she probably has such a distorted view of life. I hope she gets help. Thanks for your post.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I think it's just important to be healthy. I am of Mexican descent so I am not "thin" but also not "fat" I consider it healthy to be height/weight proportional and healthy...eating healthy foods and trying to be active....nice post of awareness and yeah Tyra needs to stop this fucking shit, NOT helping!


Alison Cross said...

Oh bother - I thought I'd left a comment about this on here. did I bugger off without doing the WV?!

Ali x

Denny Coates said...

A man's opinion. NOT attractive, not sexy at all. Also, big-time health consequences down the road. Sad.

楊愛惟 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful comments. I think I am done with America's Next Top Model. I just can't continue to support this shit in any way.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

She is far too thin! She needs to eat!

I think I have Bulimia... I just forget to throw up! xx