Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Shit SB Says

People want to fit in. Don't ask me why. They want to feel part of a group, even if it's an ignorant group, like the republican party.


Glimmer said...

I'm going to start a fundraising campaign to get you some assertiveness training, honey. You just don't know how to say what you mean.

Kidding aside, how can you be southern? When I go home I immediately have to remember to listen for what people really mean. For instance: "Don't you need to go to the store?" Me: "No I'm good." Her: "I thought you'd probably want to go to the store." Me: "We just drove 13 hours and passed 70,000 stores, we really don't need a thing." Her: But I thought you might need to go to the store and get the skim milk your husband insists on having even though I don't know how anyone can stand to even look at that stuff let alone drink it."

This is the condensed version. It generally takes several hours to get to that last sentence. Compris? I bet you do.

Love, Glim

Ms. Moon said...

Or the Baptist church.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

My Dear Glimmer & Ms. Moon,
I have southern ancestry, and trust me they are much more "delicate" people than I am.
And, yes, I do understand, dear Glimmer.

And, ironically, MS. MOON, my Mississippi family were/are Baptists. Laugh. My family founded the first Baptist church in Ohio. Don't blame me--Mom and Daddums raises us Methodist and then got pissed off at the families who were running the church and left in a huff.

Love you both, you two Southern Belles!


Petit fleur said...


Glimmer said...

That's what I admire the most about churches. The warring and infighting and the leaving in a huff.

I was raised in the church that considered everyone else a heathen. The Church of Christ, which believes even the pope is going to hell. Which actually makes it my naughty husband's favorite denomination. But not enough to make him go, of course.

Love you back!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

My Aunt Tex is a Church of Christer. She is also a whacked-out Amway-er. Jesus.

Love you,