Friday, July 2, 2010

Shit SB Says

I don't celebrate the 4th of July. I think we were better off under the British. Also, there are too many damn rednecks with fireworks. Every sonofabitch with five dollars to spare can buy some fireworks. I don't like loud noises. Neither does the damn dog. She cowers and pisses all over.


downtown guy said...

Oh, man, we disagree about this one for sure. I love shit that goes BOOM.

Wildernesschic said...

I hate the 5th of November... same reason fireworks hate the things ...xx

Jeannie said...

Love you

Jeannie said...

I don't celebrate the 4th of July. Makes sense.

I do love fireworks - but only professional shows. Ordinary stuff pales. It was fun back in the day of course, when life was simpler and we never got to see real shows except on Walt Disney.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

And I love you.

Kathleen Scott said...

Denny hates fireworks too. He says that his year on the ground in Viet Nam was more 'rocket's red glare' than he ever wanted.

I don't want every Tom, Jorge & Bubba to shoot off fireworks either. Too much chance of wildfire. But I do love a good professional show. Fantasy made reality.

white rabbit said...

I'm afraid I don't think we'd take the former colonies - or the other 37 states - back.

Far too much bother.


wv: karyoddd - which reads odddly

Syd said...

I celebrate the Fourth by fireworks, cooking out and booing any Brits I see! Actually I do like the history of the event.

The Dish said...

I love the 4th because I love any excuse to drink excessively and act like a redneck! However, the dog DOES NOT agree.

North West London Girl said...

I hate any compulsary celebration, so Valentines day is ignored, together with mothers's and father's day, but I don't mind Christmas as I get presents...5th November is bad for us too, same fireworks issue with the dogs xx

Anonymous said...

LOL! Rednecks with fireworks scare me too!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I don't blame you. Where I live they use bonfire night as an excuse to shoot people! How lovely! I'll be thinking of you (and the dog) NOT celebrating on Sunday SB xx

Mantramine said...

I just don't like the hoards of people that feel compelled to attend along with me - so I don't go

Lori said...

Oh great minds think alike SB. I just posted the same damn thing. Fuck things that go BOOM. Stupid Wankers....

Denny said...

I don't like fireworks either, but for different reasons -

Love your blog.

michelle said...

I love fireworks and sparklers.

Red White and Blue makes me queasy


Petit fleur said...

Yea, I sort of look at it as the anniversary of the death of the beauty of the land and waters and the indigenous peoples who lived her before we, the proud runaways.

sigh. I will eat some bbq though, what else can a bitch do?

Petit fleur said...

PS... I don't buy into the "traditional/romanced" version of Thanksgiving either. While I do believe it's good to give thanks, I'm not going celebrate our peaceful supper with the natives... Who we continue to betray and torture.

What can I say, my blinders are OFF.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

White Rabbit,
I don't blame you a goddamn bit.

North West London Girl,
I like the way you think. Prezzies are GOOD.

Shoot people? Dear God.

I'm with you, babe. Crowds of morons.

Great minds do think alike.

I am so honored by your visit. Thank you for stopping by.

I love you.

That's the attitude, babe. A bitch must eat. Laugh.

Love to all,


Gledwood said...

In theory, the American system's far better. In practice I think British is best. MODERN British, you understand. I think if people went back in time only 50 years the inequalities in this country would be too astonishing for words...

... well I hope you saw some good fireworks. They do them for July 4, don't they?

Now PLEASE I write in desperation. I need your help. I have decided to be a pop star. To this end I have written a hit record. You can find it on my blog. I think it is one of the most original songs ever written... but please, I need constructive criticism to take this from masterpiece level to sheer genius

also who do you think should sing it? Celine, Mariah, Alicia Keys, Aguilera... or me in Diana Ross fright wig?

Your advice urgently required ;-)

Kathleen Scott said...

Hi SB,
You're on vacation this week maybe? Hope so, you deserve some R&R.

Best from the Hill Country, from both of us. I passed along your compliments and they're returned. You're the only blogger Denny has picked up from my blogroll.

Have a great time, Kat

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I WISH I was on vacation. Laugh. No, just not very inspired to post so far this week.

Please tell Denny that now I am truly honored.

SB loves you both.

Kathleen Scott said...

So it's your inspiration that's on vacation. She's an unusual muse, and deserves a break too.