Friday, July 23, 2010

Uhhhhhhmmmm, Okay

I am under constant (constant means constant) 24/7 surveillance every single place I go by a C4ISR system with artificial intelligence connected to a directed energy weapons platform. I am only one of many that is now being attacked by this monster. This system, which will be explained in more detail in my book, is being used to electronically torture many individuals.

I am also severely gang stalked out in public by the civilian defense network. The battleswarms which the network conducts are computer generated. This defense network, which has existed in some form since at least 1917, is entirely merged into our society, just as it was in East Germany & Communist Russia.

Each internal & external environment that I have been in for any length of time is psychologically prepared by the military to convey PsyOp messages of violence. It is also packed with objects to physically block me & to create a claustrophobic effect. In future updates I’ll explain how they have attempted to control my environment as much as possible.

Message to Friends & Family

I know you are handled by the security forces every single time I’m around you & that you are forced to attack me. I understand that you are being directed by them in real-time with advanced surveillance technology that includes the transmission of instructions directly into your auditory pathways. I realize that you will deny this. I also know, that, despite your honest intentions of welcoming me, you are seriously, even painfully, inconvenienced.

They have blocked me from finding employment. By placing an electronic wall around all of my communications they have prevented me from seizing any realistic opportunities. Quite arrogantly, they often let me know they are doing so.

Although the attacks occurred at the last farm I was at for several years, I was able to work & continue my studies. That has ended. At farm I’m currently at & will be leaving soon, they have created a situation where they forced these people to act in certain ways & to request things that they knew I would not go along, & which would result in my resignation.

Because I am currently not aware of any other practical option, & all other opportunities have been blocked, I will be living in the streets for now. Living with relatives for an extended length of time is not an option because I know what they must go through. Boston is the best place because of the developed transportation system, libraries, & because I’ll be closer to family & friends.

I realize this seems absurd. But there is no normal solution for this because it is not a normal issue. The reality of the situation is that the people who run our society are psychopaths & they are attacking me. They have not allowed me any viable opportunities in the system that they run. This is happening & I am not the only one.

Personally, I can't wait for this guy's book.

[Thanks, Jenn!]


Indigo said...

If you can't beat them, join them. I love how someone can rationally try to explain any fault on their part at all. It's everything and everyone else that keeps them down. (Hugs)Indigo

P.S. This actually sounded like it could make a good book. It's that bizarre.

michelle said...

Someone needs a pill.

Kathleen Scott said...

Bless his psychotic little heart.

Big Mark 243 said...

This could be anoyone one of us, actually. I think they are using the HD television to spy in our house (no, really I do).

It is late for me. Loved the entry but consciouness is fading. Have to double back later.

Steph(anie) said...

very sad

Reeny's Ramblin' said...

WTF was that?!? el o el

downtown guy said...

I see a lot of similar letters in my job in mental health. There but for the grace of gawd and so on.

Syd said...

Can you say paranoid?

Sandra Moreano said...

Insanity is a terrible suffering. But she does bring out truths.

The other day my friend was charged with a felony for leaving her dog in the car for 40 minutes on an 80 degree day. BTW She had her windows cracked and left water. She left the dog in the mall parking lot to run to the apple store and get a new her phone battery replaced. She didn't want to lose the 250 pictures of her dog left on said phone because it went dead.

When she came back the her dog was in a squad car and she had to follow the police to a vet to be checked out for dehydration. Now she is facing felony charges. The dog was quite distressed as you can imagine. This dog is the love of her life.

Now she faces a felony charge and a day in court. Good luck getting a job with a felony.

I love dogs, I have a dog, but the fucking government went too far.

Mark said...

Is Glenn Beck writing you again?

adrienne said...

i think my brain is leaking ut of my left ear.

Sheria said...

Wherever did you find this piece of insanity? I once had a client who believed that Capt. Kirk was speaking to him via the television. Now if he has said Mr. Spock, I would have believed him!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Dear Indigo:
Great to hear from you! Hope all is well.

Love to you and Pickles,


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Big Mark,
Thanks for reading me.



Sarcastic Bastard said...

I hear you. I am only one step away from total insanity, I figure. Maybe even a half-step. Laugh.

Love you!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

So sorry about your friend. What a ridiculous, shitty deal.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Could be. I hope not. Laugh.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Now THAT must have been an interesting job. Laugh.

Love you much,


downtown guy said...

That sucks for Sandra's friend, but when it's 80 degrees outside it's almost a hundred in a car - even with the windows cracked. And it rises quickly. She should have left the dog at home.

Jennifer Rains said...

I see you found Gangstalking dude and you are quite welcome. I want to believe, I want to believe, I want to believe....

Ms. Moon said...

Doesn't he have any tin foil? Jesus.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Ms. Moon,
Tin foil is the least of this motherfucker's problems.